Sunday, November 19, 2017

October Experiences

October was a whirlwind of a month! First up was the 8th Annual Miles for Myeloma 2/5 mile run/walk on October 7th, I am part of the event committee for the second year. The past year a 501(c)(3) was setup to start helping local individuals recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma with Miles for Myeloma being our main fundraiser. If you are interested in learning more please check out the web page:

After months of planning I rolled up in the wee hours of the morning to begin setup under the main tent and help setup the smaller tents. The original forecast was looking like a downpour but the rain lightened in the morning and stopped right before the race.

The turnout was better than we could even imagine and we had our biggest event to date. A total of 407 participants and a 46% increase from the prior year!

I was the volunteer coordinator and our bike sweeper on the course. It was so much fun to have friends volunteering out there with me. Before I knew it the event was over and we were cleaning up!

What is multiple myeloma?
Multiple myeloma is a hematological (blood) cancer that develops in the plasma cells found in the soft, spongy tissue at the center of your bones, called bone marrow. Plasma cells are a type of white blood cell responsible for producing antibodies (immunoglobulins) which are critical for maintaining the body’s immune system. Through a complex, multi-step process, healthy plasma cells transform in malignant myeloma cells. (

What are the common symptoms?
Bone problems, low blood counts, high blood levels of calcium, nervous system symptoms, nerve damage, hyperviscosity, kidney problem, and infections.

The following weekend I had a fun day crafting tin can flowers with my aunts, cousins and nieces. One of my aunts had taken a class and showed us how to make them. It was fun to see everyone's ideas and how they all turned out. Here is my final product, I can't wait to make a few more!

The next weekend was spent up in Door County, Wisconsin with a numerous runner friends for the Fall 50. This race combines a fun location, crazy costumes and debauchery throughout the day.

Looking gorgeous with the sunset the night before!

The ladies ready to roll out!

Yes, we ran in these all day!!
 The winning photo of the day is a perfect action shot of what this day is all about!!!

Team Lumberjacked Off crossed the finish line in style and ready to pound some beers! The large tents in the background hosts and all you can eat pizza, all you can drink beer (about a dozen fabulous craft beers) & wine and dancing. This is one of the main attractions to this race and it sells out quickly each year. They just expanded to other locations so one of these years we may have to try another one out!
Skies out, thighs out!!

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