Thursday, June 4, 2015

HIM Training Weeks 9-???

I know you all missed me, the few of you that read this thing anymore! Training has been going alright lately, the running and swimming parts are going great likely because those are my two favorites. I enjoy most days getting the training done and they don't feel like a chore. Biking on the other hand has sucked to say the least, I have missed many long bikes and I am feeling nervous I won't be race ready.
Happy for some company on a longer ride!

I was doing so great following my training plan and keep tracking of everything and I just fell off the wagon with it. I guess I get bored after 8 weeks, so these were the last few that I truly tracked on this sheet. I do log everything in daily mile so come friend me there if you want to see what I'm up to.

Favorite Workouts: These have been all of my long swims lately, I seem to just have found my cruise control zone and I am really enjoying the long sets in the pool. It really calms my mind from the chaos going on in my life.

Now for the realization to set in that this half ironman is two weeks away from Saturday, EEEEKKK!

My big goal for these last weeks leading into race day is to focus on is nutrition, both during my training sessions and what I am eating on a day to day basis. I would like to drop a little weight going into race day so I am lighter to help my body out. I am starting to see a drop this week so far with about a half a pound a day so it's keeping my motivated to stick to it.

I have run a few races so far this spring and I am feeling pretty happy with my times considering I am basically just endurance training and not getting in much speed. I have such a great group of running friends it makes it so easy to get all my runs in every week!

4/19/15 Oshkosh Half Marathon
2:15:00 (yep, dead on!)
Note to self, don't stand between the two tallest people!
It was a bit windy, as in 20-30mph winds gusting around but the new course made time go by faster. I just wanted to enjoy myself as I wasn't going for time and my body felt good. I caught up to Sarah and smacked her a good one, I owed her one! Finished out the race with her as the last few miles were kinda blah.

5/9/15 Soleburner 5K
Yay, back to the old course of rolling hills and I somehow had some speed in me that day!

5/22/15 Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon
Whew, this was a sweaty race from the beginning, humidity was ridiculous hovering around 80% for about the first hour or so, then the storm front was coming in and brought some clouds and a welcomed breeze. So many runners were saying they always curse the wind but today loved it, and I was in the same boat.

My times started to pick back up later in the race and I slammed a small cup of beer about 10.5 miles in. Hung around after the race to congratulate all the marathoners who toughed out the weather.

5/30/15 Apple Creek 50K Relay
This was 4 loops of 7.75 miles and I took the first leg, it was pouring out and had been raining quite a bit during the week so we were expecting puddles and mud. It did not disappoint and was seriously so much fun. I had a muddy behind very early on so I didn't care how many times I fell, although I am surprised that my clutsy self only did 3 times and it was on some slippery downhill mudslides.