Thursday, June 4, 2015

HIM Training Weeks 9-???

I know you all missed me, the few of you that read this thing anymore! Training has been going alright lately, the running and swimming parts are going great likely because those are my two favorites. I enjoy most days getting the training done and they don't feel like a chore. Biking on the other hand has sucked to say the least, I have missed many long bikes and I am feeling nervous I won't be race ready.
Happy for some company on a longer ride!

I was doing so great following my training plan and keep tracking of everything and I just fell off the wagon with it. I guess I get bored after 8 weeks, so these were the last few that I truly tracked on this sheet. I do log everything in daily mile so come friend me there if you want to see what I'm up to.

Favorite Workouts: These have been all of my long swims lately, I seem to just have found my cruise control zone and I am really enjoying the long sets in the pool. It really calms my mind from the chaos going on in my life.

Now for the realization to set in that this half ironman is two weeks away from Saturday, EEEEKKK!

My big goal for these last weeks leading into race day is to focus on is nutrition, both during my training sessions and what I am eating on a day to day basis. I would like to drop a little weight going into race day so I am lighter to help my body out. I am starting to see a drop this week so far with about a half a pound a day so it's keeping my motivated to stick to it.

I have run a few races so far this spring and I am feeling pretty happy with my times considering I am basically just endurance training and not getting in much speed. I have such a great group of running friends it makes it so easy to get all my runs in every week!

4/19/15 Oshkosh Half Marathon
2:15:00 (yep, dead on!)
Note to self, don't stand between the two tallest people!
It was a bit windy, as in 20-30mph winds gusting around but the new course made time go by faster. I just wanted to enjoy myself as I wasn't going for time and my body felt good. I caught up to Sarah and smacked her a good one, I owed her one! Finished out the race with her as the last few miles were kinda blah.

5/9/15 Soleburner 5K
Yay, back to the old course of rolling hills and I somehow had some speed in me that day!

5/22/15 Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon
Whew, this was a sweaty race from the beginning, humidity was ridiculous hovering around 80% for about the first hour or so, then the storm front was coming in and brought some clouds and a welcomed breeze. So many runners were saying they always curse the wind but today loved it, and I was in the same boat.

My times started to pick back up later in the race and I slammed a small cup of beer about 10.5 miles in. Hung around after the race to congratulate all the marathoners who toughed out the weather.

5/30/15 Apple Creek 50K Relay
This was 4 loops of 7.75 miles and I took the first leg, it was pouring out and had been raining quite a bit during the week so we were expecting puddles and mud. It did not disappoint and was seriously so much fun. I had a muddy behind very early on so I didn't care how many times I fell, although I am surprised that my clutsy self only did 3 times and it was on some slippery downhill mudslides.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

HIM Training Week 7 & 8

Work finally slowed down later on in the week and I was able to feel somewhat normal again. I really just hope it sticks around. I am looking forward to having Thursday and Friday off this week and it's TRI 101 presentation week. It is going to be a fun filled week and not a lot of work. Just what the doctor ordered.

Monday: REST - worked 13 hours and just no way anything else was going to happen
Tuesday: Run - 3 mi, Swim 1600m
Wednesday - REST - another long day and just felt off
Thursday: Cycle - 21 mi
Friday: Cycle - 20 mi, Swim - 2200m (furthest yet)
Saturday: Run - 12 mi , Swim - 1800m (my fastest mile ever at 34:40!)
Sunday: Cycle - 45 mi

Check out those sculpted shoulders!

Favorite workout: This is a tie between Friday's workouts, I got my bike ride in on the trainer during lunch hour and jammed out to some music while I had my lunch cooking in the oven. This was just what I needed after an emotionally draining week.

After getting done with work a bit earlier than usual I went to the gym to get my long swim done instead of waiting until Saturday. I got a new suit this week and a new silicone swim cap meant for long hair, this went great after I fixed my leaky goggle. I tweaked something in my stroke with my arm entry into the water and I actually felt fast in the pool on a long swim. My 400m split times were dropping as I went along which usually does not happen. I am really starting to warm up to these long swims and I am really enjoying them. Longest set in the pool yet, getting close to the hour mark!

Week 8: Recovery Week 

Monday: REST
Tuesday: Run - 6 mi, Swim 1600m
Wednesday - Cycle - 15 mi during lunch
Thursday: Swim 1800m
Friday: Cycle - 25 mi, Run 2 mi, Swim - 1200m
Saturday: Run - 9.3 mi (a fast long run for me!)
Sunday: Cycle - 30 mi

Favorite workout of the week: My long run on Saturday was nice, I ran at a faster pace than I have been with Sarah and Matt. We all actually had good runs, seriously people this is ground breaking news. Sarah and I are always opposite so this has NEVER happened before. It was nice getting under 10:00 for a longer run!

I really was hoping my work would slow down and it did during my recovery week which helped out as we had TRI101 and TRI102 this week. TRI101 was on Wed. night and I totally winged my presentation for "What is a triathlon" but people said it was good, sooo hey! I had off during the day on Thursday and Friday so I was able to get my workouts done during the daytime. Thursday night I got to watch my littlest niece and my nephew after his surgery so my sister and family could go to their oldest child's concert. Saturday was the bridal shower for a good friend of mine and I can't wait for her wedding in a month at Lambeau Field on the roof!

And of course, there is March Madness going on right now and I of course am rooting for my Alma Mater, UW-Madison! And who picked a perfect bracket for the section they are in? This girl!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Point Bock 5 mile - Race Recap

The first weekend of March is always reserved in my calendar for the Point Bock 5 mile run. Who doesn't love a race that you only have to run 5 miles to earn 3 free beers from an awesome brewery and get to spend that time with friends. Pretty much a DUH there!

Normally this race is pretty cold and we are all feeling done with winter by this time. In a few of the past races it has managed to snow the night before and the footing conditions were not always the best. I came into the race with no expectations, I was not in shape for a PR and I wanted to just enjoy the day. It was a blissful 35 degree day with the sun shining, but there was a pretty strong headwind we would have to deal with on parts of the course. Yay for only having to wear single layers again!

Several of us decided to run together, Sarah and I busted out laughing at the beginning of the race when the local speedwalker went right by us. We have seen this guy at local races for the past few years and this guy in particular passed me just before mile 25 of the GB marathon last year. It took us a little bit to get our shit back together but we passed him not too much later and left him in our dust!

It took me awhile to find a groove in this race and when I finally did we were about 3 miles in, it lasted for about a mile until I felt like I was slowly crashing. I felt hungry at the start of the race, which starts at noon, and I didn't bring along anything to eat. I knew we were close so I pushed myself to try and keep a good pace. I surprised myself with my finishing time and pace. This was also the first race I have done where I did not carry water with me and I didn't grab any at the turnaround either. This will change though as the weather warms up.

Once we finished I gulped down some water and gatorade and then eat the teeniest banana, a bagel chunk and a blueberry muffin. Then it was into the tent for some brewski's and the post race high!

We eventually left to grab some lunch/dinner and then headed to the hotel to clean up. We had a fun night playing Hammershlagen and a bit of karaoke, when we finally crashed I think it only took me a few minutes to pass out!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

HIM Training Weeks 5 & 6

Been awhile since I have had a few moments to recap my workouts, but better late than never. Work has been pretty chaotic the last couple weeks again and when I haven't been working or training, I have been eating, sleeping or drinking. Priorities people! I did have some fun weekends though too.

Since I feel lazy and didn't want to type out what I did, I will give you a glimpse into what my training plan looks like.

Week 5 Favorite Workout - Outside of the race, recap coming soon, it is my long bike on Sunday. Let's just say that I partied hard while out of town for the race on Saturday and my body was not exactly prepared for what it had to do. I waited as long as possible to do this and I think I hopped on my bike around 7:30pm. I began in misery and wanted to just make it to 30 miles and call it good, by half way through I was actually starting to feel really good and I finished all of this. I learned a valuable lesson....never doubt yourself.

This weekend was consumed by the race travel and overnight stay in town, got back early Sunday morning but I was having some really odd stomach cramps that were killing me.

Week 6 Favorite Workout - My long swim on Saturday, I didn't think it was going to be pretty as I felt exhausted from going 2 miles longer on our run thanks to a missed turn. I got a little longer break in between then I usually do and I made sure to take a gel right before I swam and this totally helped. I just hopped into the pool and nailed it, never stopped! I couldn't believe it, if you could smile and swim that is what I would have been doing. Time flew by doing laps in the pool too, I am learning how to keep myself distracted during my workouts.

After my workouts on Saturday I managed to get a nap in and then head to my hubby's work party, I was nervous as this was his first one and the first time I would meet most of his coworkers. So happy he has a good friend that works there so I at least knew 2 people! Sunday I planned my long ride to coincide with the UW Badgers Men's Basketball game as they were in the Big 10 Championship, I don't have TV but I listened to game during the ride to keep me entertained. Then it was off to a birthday party to wrap up the weekend. I really did not have much time at home at all.

I am trying to learn how to cook for my new nutrition needs, aka trying to get as much protein in my body as I can and eat lots of carbs. I had some chicken to cook up and I whipped up some sauteed mushrooms and threw some sliced pepperjack cheese on top of the chicken breast and it was delicious and quick to make. I will be doing this again soon! I realized that I needed something a bit more so I steamed up some broccoli when I got done cooking this, next time I can at least do these at the same time.

It's fun being at the point in my training where almost every week I am hitting a new distance in swimming and biking. That doesn't exactly happen anymore with my runs and I miss the feeling of conquering something you thought was impossible.

Monday, March 2, 2015

HIM Training Week 4

My view on my trainer, getting used to this sight!
Yay for a recovery week!! Work is slowing down back to normal pace and I was able to take a day off work and not feel bad about it.

M: Rest
T: Run - 5.25 mi on treadmill, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi
Th: Run - 4 mi
F: Bike - 15 mi, Swim - 1200 m, Weights - 1 hr
S: Run - 12 mi
S: Improptu Rest day - overdid the weights Friday and needed a recovery day, it's recovery week anyway...right?!

Favorite workout of the week: My run on Thursday was glorious, I was able to get done with work at a reasonable time and head out the door. It was cold but sunny and the sun was setting just when I got home. I didn't really push the pace much but ran a respectable 9:30ish average. I am looking forward to more days of this to come!
Technically from Saturday's run, but close enough

Crazy to think my training is already 1/5 of the way completed, 16 more weeks until race day. I checked out a book from the library titled "Swim, Bike, Run - Eat" to help me look at my nutrition side of things in addition to the actual training schedule. If I want to keep doing well as the mileages increase I need to fuel this engine properly.

I need to make a plan for food and put in the effort I take for the physical portion of it. So many people leave this out of their training, I am 100% guilty!! I know as I want to increase my endurance and be able to perform comfortably for long periods of time I need to add some focus on this.

My goals are to begin to focus on my nutrition intake pre and post workout as much as I do for during my workouts. I also am trying to put together a quick body weight and light weights routine for getting some strength in on my bike days.

And I have the most supportive hubby ever, last week on my super long 35 mile trainer ride, he came running out into the room with this lovely sign cheering me on for the last part and came back for the last few miles. Except for the part where he kept upping my gears for the last mile, ugh!
Apparently Google doesn't think it was rotated correctly, don't feel like trying to figure out how to fix this.

Monday, February 23, 2015

HIM Training Weeks 2 & 3

Work - still crazy, check. I am doing my best to have somewhat of a life outside of work and working out. Basically the weekends I try to enjoy life to cram everything since I don't during the week. Did I mention I hope work goes back to normal soon. I have been doing a lot of staring at this picture lately!

Week 2:
M: Bike - 15 mi (missed)
T: Run - 4 mi, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi
Th: Run - 4 mi, Swim 1200m (missed)
S: 10 mi, 1600 m
S: Bike - 30 mi

Favorite workout of the week: Tuesday night's fun run I had one of my winter warriors show up that I paced and I ran with him throughout since he did not know the route. We killed another run and managed a pace of 9:46 for the 4 miles. I was surprised since race day was only 3 days ago, but it felt amazing!

Week 3:
M: Bike - 20 mi
T: Run - 5 mi, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi (missed)
Th: Run - 4 mi, Swim 1600 m
S: Run - 8 mi, Swim 1800 m
S: Bike - 35 mi

Favorite workout of the week: Saturday morning the weather was finally in the mid 20's and it was beautiful outside with the sun shining down. My legs were dead tired and I had to drag them through the entire run and I had to short it 2 miles, but I didn't care about time and just enjoyed the winter wonderland.

I have missed a few workouts the past two weeks but if I am perfectly okay with that. I am trying to listen to my body and rest when I need it so I don't burn out. The mileage on the bike has been freaking me out a bit, but I need to just start getting used to my long rides matching my long runs for awhile in time. Biking is probably my weakest of the three sports and it is the longest in terms of time, so my new goal is to not miss any more bikes for awhile.

At least this week is looking up, I have a day off so I can plan to get a few things accomplished around the house then!

Was feeling pretty and needed to get a headshot, love how this turned out!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Race Recap: Seroogy's 15K

Last weekend was the goal race for the Fleet Feet Winter Warrior program. I was excited for race day and I was hoping my group would all have a great race. We lucked out with the weather, this race is notorious for freezing weather, it was 20 degrees with barely any wind and an overcast day. Great for racing conditions and they wanted to run a bit faster than our training pace of 10:30.

This was our group for the winter, and there are probably like 20 people missing from this photo. Some true WI winter warriors!!

We started out a bit fast and I didn't want to a burn out later, so I kept putting reminders out to keep an easy pace to start. The first two miles went by quickly and then we made our turn away from the 5K and we had nice open roadways. I was still surprised with the amount of people that were running this distance though! We got a nice long downhill and I prepared my group to save energy for the uphill coming on our way back. I think we made it to 3 miles before the lead runner was on his way back.

I enjoy this course as it flows down some winding roads and then the turn around is a loop through a park where they station a photographer. Such a beautiful backdrop in the middle of the city. The way back I told my group they were dragging me along for the ride, they were killing it yet and this was the fastest I have had to run yet all year! The mile long uphill went really well and then we were just over a mile from the finish and heading downhill.

I was filled with so much pride at this point, we were averaging under 10:00 min miles and looking strong into the finish! I soaked it all in and just enjoyed these last moments of the program. I had to tell Missy to just go ahead towards the finish, my little legs couldn't keep up and I wanted to see her sprint into the finish.

Tried to make a heart, kinda worked!!

Official Time: 1:31:18
Average Pace: 9:49
Overall 328/486

I totally forgot to get a pic of the chocolate bar you get after the race, but I did wait until the next day to devour it! Super cute shirt this year, but fairly thin for a long sleeve. In the past these have been tech shirts but their shirts never fit well so I am totally ok with this.

Oh yeah, and we had an art teacher in our group so we did shoe prints before one of our last runs. She made a really cool collage of them all and we got to make one for ourselves if we wanted. Turned out so cool!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HIM Training Week 1

This week was the kickoff to my self made training plan for the High Cliff HIM. I was looking forward to it and felt ready to get the show on the road. I had Monday off work thanks to the short weekend getaway and I really needed the relaxation.

Here is what this week consisted of:

M: Bike - 15 mi
T: Run - 4 mi, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi
Th: Run - 3 mi, Swim 1200 m
S: Seroogy's 15K *Race Recap coming
S: Swim - 1600m, Bike - 25 mi

Swim: 4,000m
Bike: 60 mi
Run: 16.3 mi

Favorite workout of the week: Outside of my race this week it has to be my Wednesday ride, I found a new program from the History channel on Netflix "The Men Who Built America" and I watched the first episode during my ride. It captivated my mind and this ride flew by. I even averaged 19mph during it too! Looks like I found what I will be doing during bike roads for the next few weeks.

I had to laugh when reviewing my totals as in just one week(2/1 was a rest day), I managed to surpass my training mileage from 6 different months last year and a few were not much more either. At least I had a buildup going into this!! My mileage numbers are definitely going to be at my highest yet. Here is to hoping I did my plan right and can keep myself injury free.

This weekend I had only my race planned and then I would be able to have a nice relaxing weekend at home. Well, apparently I don't like that idea as I ended up booking my weekend right up! Saturday after getting back from the race I wanted to hang out at a bar and watch some badger basketball since I don't get the games at home. A fellow mentor had some extra tickets so next thing I know I am showering quick to get my butt the game!

Sunday morning was a meeting for an exciting new opportunity for me and after my swim I met up with a good friend for some lunch at Red Lobster. I finally managed to get a few hours relaxation reading a book and getting some tax documents together before it was time to get my bike ride in to cap off another crazy weekend.

This week is already not starting off great, I worked 11 hours (not including the few short breaks I got and a quick dinner break for my sanity). No fun when you have to stare at a computer screen and be holed up in my office at home all day. I have lots to get in this week so we will see how it turns out. Looks like my Friday rest day just turned into a bike day! Good news, I have zero plans for this weekend outside of my training :))

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week in Review

This last week I eased back into training, my legs were sore until Tuesday and felt dead for my run that night but then I was able to feel normal again by Thursday. I worked some long hours again so I had to miss a few that I was hoping to get in.

M: Rest
T: 4 mi run
W: Rest
Th: 3 mi run, 1600 m swim
F: Rest
S: 5 mi run, 10 mi bike
S: Rest

Hubs and I planned a last minute mini vacation for the weekend so we headed out of town shortly after lunch on Saturday and stayed until Monday. I had to burn some PTO at work and his job has been slower so we were able to swing it. We headed north to Door County and scored a deal on a one bedroom suite since it's their off season. The area is known for all the wineries along with some good eats and views. We had to do a little extra searching for food as many places were closed for the season but still discovered some great places. This vacation was all about rest, relaxation and some time for us to connect. We only left our room to eat and make a stop to get some wine at what seemed like the only winery that was open. We both really needed it and we were so happy we did it! We did lots of lounging and I didn't really feel guilty. I did have restless legs a bit on Sunday and wanted to get out but it was freezing cold outside.

While we were on vacation I spent some time finally thinking about and getting my HIM training plan together. I started off with the biking first as that is where I feel I need the most work and least experienced with. Then I went back through to add the runs and all my races scheduled and finally added on my swims. I didn't schedule in a strength training spot but I am going to focus on doing a bit each day to help supplement. HIM training officially kicked off this week!

I am thoroughly impressed with how much motivation the hubs and I had when we got back and even unpacked right away. We setup the stuff I bought from Ikea last weekend and did some reorganizing with that. Just need to finish the TV stand this week sometime and get that setup. I also cleaned out the fridge of all the expired items, hand washed dishes, ran a load in the dishwasher and got three loads of laundry done. The hubs shoveled the driveway as we got a few inches of snow yesterday and needed to take care of the major drifts in the driveway. It was crazy as there were spots with no snow and then spots with about a foot. I also managed to get errands done, get a bike ride done and shower before settling down.

I am so glad we got the opportunity to get away, it has helped out way more than I thought it would! And I was happy to not think about calories to enjoy my last bit of freedom for awhile.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Icebreaker Indoor Half Marathon

My first race of the year was the Icebreaker Half Marathon held at the Pettit Center in Milwaukee, WI. I went into this race feeling a little undertrained but confident that I could maintain a good running pace throughout. This race was going to be a test for me to see where my body and mind were at. I haven't done much speedwork and figured I would be around the pace I have been pacing at with my Winter Warriors group, which is 10:30 - 11:00. I felt really tired up until the race and perked up finally right before we started.

This race is a mental challenge to begin with as you are running laps, 47.5 laps to be precise. I was hoping I could maybe run with Rachel again this year to make time fly by but I discovered she was slightly more prepared than I was for it. Start game face mode......

Rachel, Me, Matt & Sarah
I tried to keep an easy pace to start, there really is no way to judge your pace in this race without doing lots of math. There is no current pace to refer to on your watch, you see your lap times and overall times each lap around but again, who wants to do all that math. It's a great race to learn how to run by feel and not rely on gadgets. You have nobody to blame but yourself.

The first 45 minutes went by pretty quickly and then I started to get bored. They had tons of signs up around but many of them had too many words to try and read while running by and not tripping. There was music playing from what the runners requested on their race entry, but I noticed I didn't really hear it or just zoned it out. I really only remember one point when some guy ahead of my was jamming out and going crazy over a song that just came on. Likely this dude

I tried to find ways to distract my mind as I told myself I was not allowed to stop and walk. If I felt tired I would just slow my pace a bit until I felt better. I was thinking of my fellow warriors back home and trying not to let Rachel lap me several times! I mentioned to some spectators about 1.5 hrs in they were amazing, they stood on the edge of the mats the entire time and were there before we even started. That totally paid off as several laps they high fived me and gave me encouragement.

Finally when I hit 3 miles to go I knew I would have to slow up a bit as things were really starting to hurt, I had blisters on the right side of both my feet, and some pretty severe chaffing going on my arm. Why did I forget to body glide there? Oh yeah, only chaffed there once slightly during a marathon.
Carnage from three days later, this doesn't even do it justice.
Kim and Joan showed up about this time as well and it was great to see some friendly faces to cheer us in. Kim mentioned I looked strong yet and it was nice to hear even though I felt like I was starting to die. I really focused during the race to run with proper form and keep my body tall and not hunched over. This really helped me maintain a good pace and not use extra energy.

I am happy with my time and hope it will improve as I work towards losing some more weight and continued training.

2:12:29 (10:07 pace)
Division: 21/34
Gender: 36/62
Overall: 74/112

I got a couple of doozies from this race, thinking I may need to do a compilation for a year end post. Stay tuned!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Work Hard & Play Hard

I have missed a few weeks posting due to some long work weeks. I focused on getting in my workouts around my job and it left no time for basically anything else.

I managed to have a great first week and then the long workdays slowly caught up to me and I listened to my body. By the third week, I was heading into my half marathon and wanted to give my body a chance to rest to have a good race.

Jan 5-11
Running: T 5 mi, Th 4 mi, S 9 mi
Cycling: M 10.6 mi, W 10.55 mi, Su 13 mi
Swimming: T 1200 m, S 1600m
*Missed my swim Thursday cause I forgot my suit, otherwise a perfect week!

Jan 12-18
Running: W 3.1 mi, Th 5 mi, S 7.8 mi
Cycling: W 9 mi, Su 15.3 mi
Swimming: S 1600m

Jan 19-25
Running: Th 5.2 mi, S 13.1 mi
Cycling: None
Swimming: None

I have really been enjoying mentoring for the Fleet Feet Fox Valley Winter Warriors program. I have rediscovered my love of running and has put everything in perspective. I have thought about where I started and how far I have come. My runs have turned into motivating others and just enjoying being outside. I have met some great individuals and they have inspired me to keep being positive and find the good in any situation. It has also kept me accountable and completing my runs every Thursday and Saturday.

My weekends have been full as well. The first weekend I went out to celebrate Sarah's birthday.

The second weekend I took my sister's older two kids out to Monkey Joe's in the afternoon to burn off some energy and treated them to some froyo. She was able to enjoy a peaceful house while the youngest was down for her nap.

Both Sundays I was at the bar watching the Packers playoff games, after I got my ride done in the morning though! That way I didn't feel so bad about drinking a few beers and eating some bar food.

This past weekend I ran the Icebreaker Half Marathon in Milwaukee and then headed down to IL to have a ladies weekend to celebrate my mother in law's birthday. We went out to Chicago Improv and had some good laughs, good food and some fun shopping. Now I have to put together what I bought at Ikea to help organize the house better!

I am looking forward to my job slowing down to have a bit more down time to be able to reflect on my progress and work on my goals. I also need to get a training plan set in stone for my HI (half Ironman) in June. I have been reviewing many different plans and I think I'm going to consolidate a few of the ideas together based on my abilities and working to better my cycling.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week in Review

This past week was the start of my journey towards a Half Ironman, I was freaking out for several before and after I clicked submit on that registration! Coming off of being sick I eased into the week and tried to listen to my body without pushing it too hard.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 5 mile run with the Fleet Feet Fun run group, this one was freezing! I couldn't feel my fingers for about the first two miles, thankfully we turned away from the wind shortly after.

Wednesday: 13.3 mile ride on the trainer. Had the day off of work and was picking up and organizing the house as well. Nobody likes to start the new year off with a disgusting house. My husband and I were boring for New Years and stayed in, but we enjoyed a steak dinner with some green beans and baked potatoes.

Thursday: 2 runs this day. Run #1 NYD 3 mile run with the pacesetters and breakfast afterwards. This was brutally windy and we froze our butts off.
Run #2 Winter Warriors Group Workout - Pacing 4 mile run. Thankfully this was about 20 degrees warmer than this mornings run, so I of course overdressed. I felt tired going into it but once we got started I felt great. I used my extra energy to push my group to a solid 10:15 run, they weren't as enthused about it as I was!!

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Winter Warriors Group Workout - Pacing 7 mile run. I woke up to the sound of snow plows, we finally have snow on the ground again! It was only about 2-3 inches but it made the run a little more challenging searching for the best footing. But it was beautiful out. We also passed the Pacesetters group run and I got to see more running buds!

Sunday: 13.60 mile ride on the trainer. Needed to get a long ride in, went for 45 minutes and that was all I could handle:

Things I did well this week:
1. I spent a few hours cooking on Sunday afternoon so I have homemade meals for the week.
2. I wrote down my training plan for the week and a few meals to make during the week
3. I cleaned up my house and I have kept it clean. Slowly trying to purge and organize and keep it that way!

This was boring I know, but part of what I missed with blogging was having a training log. It will also help me keep on target for future weeks.