Monday, February 23, 2015

HIM Training Weeks 2 & 3

Work - still crazy, check. I am doing my best to have somewhat of a life outside of work and working out. Basically the weekends I try to enjoy life to cram everything since I don't during the week. Did I mention I hope work goes back to normal soon. I have been doing a lot of staring at this picture lately!

Week 2:
M: Bike - 15 mi (missed)
T: Run - 4 mi, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi
Th: Run - 4 mi, Swim 1200m (missed)
S: 10 mi, 1600 m
S: Bike - 30 mi

Favorite workout of the week: Tuesday night's fun run I had one of my winter warriors show up that I paced and I ran with him throughout since he did not know the route. We killed another run and managed a pace of 9:46 for the 4 miles. I was surprised since race day was only 3 days ago, but it felt amazing!

Week 3:
M: Bike - 20 mi
T: Run - 5 mi, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi (missed)
Th: Run - 4 mi, Swim 1600 m
S: Run - 8 mi, Swim 1800 m
S: Bike - 35 mi

Favorite workout of the week: Saturday morning the weather was finally in the mid 20's and it was beautiful outside with the sun shining down. My legs were dead tired and I had to drag them through the entire run and I had to short it 2 miles, but I didn't care about time and just enjoyed the winter wonderland.

I have missed a few workouts the past two weeks but if I am perfectly okay with that. I am trying to listen to my body and rest when I need it so I don't burn out. The mileage on the bike has been freaking me out a bit, but I need to just start getting used to my long rides matching my long runs for awhile in time. Biking is probably my weakest of the three sports and it is the longest in terms of time, so my new goal is to not miss any more bikes for awhile.

At least this week is looking up, I have a day off so I can plan to get a few things accomplished around the house then!

Was feeling pretty and needed to get a headshot, love how this turned out!

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  1. Nice job on your training pretty lady! You're gonna rock the HIM!


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