Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Just a random mish mash of things on my mind or happening lately.

1. Getting an online order delivered is like getting presents, even though you are the one that bought it. I love that there was absolutely no packaging but the goods in the box, I hate those peanuts and air bags! I got a pull buoy and paddles to help me perfect my stroke and another suit since a little variety is nice.

2. I can't wait until my hammock gets here on Wednesday, it has been too long since I have been able to relax in the back yard reading a book. I broke the last one 2 years ago and I miss it soo much.

3. My husband finally has come around with hummus, he now loves it!! And now I need to start stocking up on the grocery store because one container now only lasts a few days. Darn him for eating me out of my favorite snack.

4. Eastbay cracks me up, this is about the fifth month in the row I have received two catalogs delivered. Apparently they can't figure out I'm the same person because the only thing different is my last name. I think it's about time to let them in on the little secret!

5. Tonight is the Fleet Feet Pub Run and I'm looking forward to a low-key run and some beers afterward with my running peeps.

6. Starting to think about what I need to pack for this weekend's race and a race outfit, but I'm sure the weather will change it's mind a few times between now and then! Only 3 more days until I am getting ready to leave. Can't wait to get this medal and then pop open a bruski with it.

7. I officially signed up for the Fox Cities Marathon in September so there is no turning back now. Training starts in a mere 4 weeks. EEEEKKK!!!

8. I can't decide if I want to cut my hair. It's finally at a length long enough that I can do alot with it, but it's so gosh darn heavy and full. I need to get layers put in or just cut it off again for the summer, which is probably the likeliest option. I guess I will see if I have enough to donate it for the fourth time. I mean so many people want my hair so why not?

9. Blogger meetup at the WI Marathon this weekend, meet in the Food Tent before the race if you want to meet some crazy amazing bloggers.

10. I need to get my ass back to yoga. I need the relaxation as I feel like stress is creeping into my life more than it needs to be and my muscles could use the hot sweatfest to stretch them out. I creeped my husband out the other day for having man calves!

11. I try to do some yardwork and I got attacked, that bush came out of nowhere!

I'm going to end it here since I like to be an oddball :) :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

This week was all about getting in my 3 runs, bikes and swims and get myself into that habit. I did manage to do everything altough the mileage on a few could have been a little higher but that will come with time.

3.7mile Memorial Run for Boston - I toughed this out with tired legs after my incredible PR the day before. So inspirational to see the turnout and those wearing their jackets. This was followed with a few beers and good friends!

1200m swim - Completed in two 600m sets, trying to build up a bit of endurance and yet maintain a good speed.

Rest day. I met up with a good friend for dinner and drinks and ran into some family as well. Hung out with my favorite bartender until we managed to empty out the place, nobody wanted to come visit!

3.2 mile test ride on my new bike (aka the black stallion) and managed the clip in pedals decent enough, no falls at least!

walking with clip-in shoes is ridiculous

and so is my mushroom head.

1.8mile run - went off for my run after hopping off the bike, felt slight pain in my right shin and decided not to push it.

1600m swim - no breaks other than swimming on my side for a small chunk to fix my swim cap and flip turned it the whole time. I am still figuring those out so half the time I don't think I am doing it correctly.

13mile bike - there was some serious wind going on but I didn't let it deter me, but I failed and the route I planned I thought would be a crosswind but instead was at my back the way out and facing a 20mph headwind the whole way home. UGH!!

6.1mile run - my legs were feeling dead so at 2,4 & 6 I stopped to walk for a bit and my right shin seems to have a minor shin splint going on now so I didn't do the planned 8. The day was absolutely gorgeous in the mid 60s here today but I am just not used to since we haven't seen anything higher than about 45 here so far.

14.5mi bike - Rode over to babysit my nephews for a few hours and then headed out for farther before turning around and heading home. I need to plan my routes a little better as I keep ending up with wind in my face the whole way back. Can't complain about the near 70 degree weather though!

2 hr swim clinic- Put on by the Tri City foxes (local triathlon club) so I can help improve my swimming technique and gain a little ground there. It's always nice having someone else watch and point out what you are missing. We even did a drill for swimming with people cramming you on both sides and a mass start which was great!

This week's goal is to maintain the workload of 3 workouts each and add in my strength as I know I need to keep on it. It's also Wisconsin Half Marathon on Saturday and a getaway weekend!

What are your goals this week?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Race Recap: Oshkosh Half Marathon

My first distance race of the year was Sunday for the Oshkosh Half Marathon. I was really looking forward to this race as I had done the relay last year and I only knew the second half of the course. It's a really flat course and my first shot this year to get a sub 2 half. I was hoping that today would be the day, but I didn't really have any nerves and I was going into this race knowing I would be able to PR.

The one thing I liked about the packets for this year was you got to choose your Spring Bag color for the race, but they had no purple so this what I chose. I hate that MSE use Zorrel as the fabric on the tech shirts just feels really weird, and the shirt design leaves alot to be desired!

I traveled it alone for the 15 minutes it took to get to the race and I just pulled into a parking lot nearby as I was later than I wanted to be. I left my phone in the car so I was hoping I would be able to find my peeps. I headed straight for the porta potties and as I got close Kim popped out from one. I wished her good luck and hoped I would be able to find the rest of the group later. I also spotted my aunt and her twin that were walking the race and talked to them for awhile and I spied the rest of the group. Matt & Brian were running the relay and Kim & Rachel were supposed to run the relay but instead just ran the race together.

I lined up right behind the 2:00 hr pacer so I would keep myslef back at the start. Someone asked if she was going to walk the aid stations and she said every other they would walk through. So at the second aid station I eased ahead of the group right before the trail section. You had to stop to get onto the trail as there was a bridge only 2 people wide for the access point from the cemetary. Once we got onto it I was happy to see it was not flooded, which I was expecting due to all the rain we have had. I then spied Kim & Rachel ahead and was hoping at some point I could catch up to them. Once I did I spooked Rachie with an ass grab she will not soon forget!!

I stalked them for most of the race and it helped me keep the pace even. I could feel it catching up to me at about 7.5 miles and the thoughts started creeping into my head to take a quick walk break, but I did not want to lose sight of my goal. I managed to talk myself out of it and by that time I had 4 miles left so I just kept chugging. Finally the turn for mile 12 came and the wind was at our back for the straightaway heading back to the finish.

I crossed the finish line with a time of
1:57:53     BOOOOMM!

Overall:                           487/1119
Gender:                           190/630
Division (30-34):             38 /118

This is the only photo of myself I can grace with you since I ran like the wind and the photographers could not get me!!

So far, 3 races this year......and 3 PR's. I am loving it! Although I am looking forward to having a couple fun races now that I have hit some of those tough goals.

Hard work does pay off, just keep workin!!
And writin that shit down makes you push for it even more!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Memorial Run

The local Appleton Fleet Feet joined in with other running stores around the US to remember what happened last week Monday and show that runners stick together. I was absolutely amazed with the turnout as over 200 runners easily showed up. There were several runners with their Boston jackets, and Kimba shared some of her experience.


It was such a moving night and I gutted this run out with stiff legs after a strong race, but I knew it paled in comparison to those touched by this tragedy.

Part of our group was even captured running at the 1:10 mark of the Post Crescent's video. Here is the link if you are so inclined!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

This week I was hoping to get back to normal again and it ended up being more of a ramp up back to my regular routine and I also had a fun weekend of events.
2mi Run - Planned to do 8 from my missed long run but by the time I met up with Matt & Kim they were ready to be done and was not feeling up for a long mileage day either. Thought about all those in Boston during this evening run.

5mi FF Fun Run - Sarah and I sported our Marathon shirts in honor of Boston. Solidarity!!

Rest Day - Hung out with the hubs and had some dinner together, we haven't been able to do this in awhile ite seems.

3mi Interval Run - 1mi wu with 400m intervals and 400m rest. Finally hit a sub 2:00, ohhhh yeeaahh.
9mi Cycling - This became a sweatfest after killing my interval workout. These prove it.

1mi Swim - 3x400m, 2x100m hard, 2x100m easy. Loving my morning pool swims lately.

Celebrated the Boston Bombing suspects being captured with Matt, Rachel & Kim.

Rest Day - Hangover Day!! Also was able to see The Lion King at the Performing Arts Center and LOVED it.

Oshkosk Half Marathon - Recap to come soon, but I did finish and managed a new shiny PR!

Did you have any fun events this week?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Step Forward

So many of us are trying to wrap our heads around what happened in Boston. Why would anyone attack an event that celebrates so much! As a runner I know how much of yourself you leave on the roads traveled, even those less traveled. It takes alot of heart and talent to get yourself to that starting line of a Marathon, and to that of Boston so much more.

Qualifying for me still seems like a long shot, but I have always mentioned that if I would ever qualify for Boston (or Kona) I would have to take the opportunity. I'm sure there were so many people there that day with that same feeling and it would be their very first. But now, their first will not likely be remembered for the joys experienced on the course or crossing the finish. That joy has been stripped from so many. For those that got stopped on their way, that joy was taken from them as well.

I know this image will be engrained in my brain forever.

I will NEVER forget. I did not sleep well Monday night. I just couldn't fathom who could do this and I could stop thinking about all those that have supported me during my races. It hurts me to know that most of the injured were those sending all their love to the runners!

I felt off during the run yesterday, but I couldn't help feeling proud pounding the pavement with the Fleet Feet group. I sported my 26.2 shirt from my first and only marathon to date. I could see people in the cars passing by taking note, especially because Sarah and I just happened to be twins. We were one loud statement that we will not go away, and we will run for those that can't!!

I will be running a half marathon on Sunday and the race organizers have already mentioned they will have a short memorial before the start of the race and have invited those that ran Boston to start the race. I will be putting all of myself out there on that road.

I just saw this latest breaking report that makes my heart less heavy.
In what could be major break in the Boston Marathon case, investigators are on the hunt for a man seen in a department store surveillance video dropping off a bag at the site of the bombings, a local politician said Wednesday.
City Council President Stephen Murphy, who said he was briefed by Boston police, said investigators saw the image on surveillance footage they got from a department store near the finish line and matched the findings with witness descriptions of someone leaving the scene.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

This past week started off GREAT!!
And then Thursday I felt like utter crap and discovered why later that evening.......I had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Thursday was an evening of sheer pain and waaayyy too many bathroom trips. I did my reseach, started drinking cranberry juice in addition to alot of water and knew I needed to get in to see a doc to get antibiotics.

Friday I ended up spending 2.5 hours in urgent care to essentially piss in a cup and tell me what I already knew. And then wait 30 minutes to get a few pills. What a waste of time!! I am pretty sure I got this from cycling on Tuesday night since the timing seems to fit and it is a pretty common cause for women.

1200m am swim broken into two 600m sets, lovin the pool in the morning at the gym!!

5 mile steady run on the treadmill at 10:20 with an incline of 1.00, this was practice at running an even pace for the GB half I will be pacing.

15 mile bike ride on the stationary bike

1200m am swim broken into three 400m sets.

Thursday - Sunday
REST!! The antibiotic I have been taking since Friday evening causes dizziness, so all I can seem to handle is about 10 minutes of activity before I feel like i'm going to pass out.

I am looking forward to taking my last pill tomorrow morning so that I can get back into my routine and get ready for racing next Sunday! Planning on trying to get in 6-8 miles tomorrow night since I missed my 8 miler this weekend.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gym Rat

Thanks to the weather this week I am beginning to feel like a Gym Rat. the last two days have been nothing but rain and then I wake up today to freezing rain. I swear I wanted to just crawl back in bed and skip my morning swim when I realized it was going to take me about 10 minutes to just get my car cleaned off. I got it done and I'm happy I can hole up at home now the rest of the day working. As if that wasn't enough, this is what is coming yet....UUUGGGHHH!

It is pretty to look at but I feel sorry for all the trees as they all look they ready to snap.

There are alot of places without power around here as well, you can see by this picture just how sticky these icicles are!
Anyone know where Spring is, I would like to go find it!! Ok, enough bitching. I am just holding onto the fact that at least Saturday looks nice and I may just end up squeezing in my long rong and bike that day to avoid another go round at the gym.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Race Recap: April Fool's 5K

This was my first time running this race so it was exciting to try out a new course in town and the race was scheduled for 6pm Friday evening. So far afternoon/evening races have always been good to me and I was hoping for a continuation of the same. I was a little disappointed in the weather since it was right around freezing and only dropping with the sun but I said screw it, I am wearing a dang skirt anyways!! I am so happy I did, during the race my temperate was perfect....first time that has ever happened!

Here are my takeaways from the event.

1. The race was not well run, this is the 3rd year and there will still a number of bugs that have not been worked out.This one had issues from get go, it was a point to point so you were asked to park at the finish to be shuttled to the start. They did not have enough busses for the 1000 runners and the start was delayed by about 20 minutes, which meant everyone got to stand around freezing longer. The microphones were not turned up so it made it very hard to hear pre-race instructions and the national anthem. The race awards took forever and the first few hundred finishers times were not posted until the race was basically over. I hope they actually learn from one of these races but I definitely won't be back.

And we are finally off......

2. The course wound through neighborhoods so the streets were well maintained and a few people sat outside their houses to cheer us on. It was a flat race course with basically no elevation change at all so a speedy race was sure to be had. Spoiler alert.......I did bag a new PR!!

This was the best photo they could get of me finishing as I was screaming past a fellow chic ...hey she looked like a fellow age grouper... and trying to catch Kim's hubby Nick.

3. Running with a great group of friends!! We had a decent group running the race and it was fun to run with several of them for most of the race. I really think we helped push each other along as we kept just trying to hold our places. After we all zipped through the finish it was nice to chit chat afterwards bitch about the issues and celebrate a number of PR's!

Congrats to Kim who snagged this snazzy age group award!

Final stats for the day......

Overall Time            25:15

* PR by a whopping 3 minutes!!

AG(30-34)               8/90
Sex                         36/305
Overall                 139/894

I immediately came home and plugged in my time in the McMillan Running calculator, totally normal to do, and realized I may just be able to pull off the sub 2 half if I can keep this up!! C'mon I know you all have done this before!

On a side note, I am really bummed I did not get a good pic from the middle of the race, I even smiled and waved at the photographer but he didn't get that. Watch out...ginormous thighs coming through!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

With this past week essentially being my birthday week and having a race, I ended up scaling back quite a bit on my workouts as I was out Wed - Sat nights. I did get in one morning workout so I call that a success to start with!

Monday: Skipped strength workout, need to stop skipping these!!

Tuesday: 5 mile Fleet Feet Fun Run - I turned this into a tempo run trying to keep up with the faster group, we stop at the top of the 2 large hills to kind of regroup and catch our breaths. Kept a nice solid pace and I was happy. I was so hungry after this as I didn't get to eat so I skipped my swim and headed home to do my strength workout instead. Last workout being a 29 year old.

Wednesday: AM Swim 1600m - I got into the pool early in the morning and it was sooo nice. Quiet and zoned out to swim 1 mile straight, I haven't done that in awhile. Annoyed though that the whirlpool was closed as my back was a bit stiff, so I tried the sauna instead and it didn't seem to be working as it wasn't any warmer in there. Opted for a longer hot shower and took in the feeling of finally being 30.

Thursday: Skipped bike ride, was hoping to get out for a spin on my new bike but the roads still are kinda dirty from the snow as the street cleaner hadn't been out yet and no rain. Ended up working a bit later and missed my window.

Friday: April Fool's 5K run, spoiler alert... I PR'd. Race Recap to come soon! Here was the outfit I had picked out and didn't care that it was still only about 30 degrees.

Saturday: Rest, I wanted to get my long run done but my legs felt dead. Instead I took the day off and cleaned the house and washed the bedding and blankets.

Sunday: 12 mile Long Run, I really was not feeling this and was PMS'ing a bit. My husband got me out the door and I wanted to do a nice easy pace as I still had some tired legs. Could not slow myself down enough so I converted it into a tempo run with 2 mile chunks. I would walk about .2 miles and then run until the 2 miles was over. I was able to mentally push myself and work through the tired legs and lactic acid I could tell building up. I ranged in pace from 8:30 - 9:30 minute miles while running and even finished my last mile in 9:01...progress!!

I am heading into this week with a plan for two a days with a morning workout and afternoon workout so I am hoping to have a good week and get in all 12 of my planned workouts, 3 each of run, bike, swim and strength.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Starting a New Chapter

I have officially turned the page in my life story.............I've left my twenties behind me. I am a little sad to see them go since I am now past the decade where alot happened in my life that has shaped me to be who I am. I feel like your twenties really affect you the most as you in life and I definitely feel that I settled into who I want to be in my later years. There was a lot of experimentation along the way and thrusting myself into new adventures.

NOT that I will not continue to push myself and step outside the box in my thirties, but it probably won't be as often and without regard for others. I really don't enjoy the phrase "older and wiser"....I mean why can't you get "younger and wiser"?? I could totally go for that! I know that age is just a number and it's really just about what you make out of each day.

I am starting with morning workouts as of today, I got in a 1 mile swim...YAY, so that I can stop missing so many of them and also have my nights free to enjoy time with my husband, family and friends and make healthy dinners. It will great once the warmer weather officially shows up so I can enjoy some summer evenings laying in the hammock reading a book and enjoying a beverage.

It helps that I am now in the hardest age group to win an award.... I gotta step up my game if I want any chance to place in a small race where most of the fast people don't show up!! I know, setting my goals high here! I guess this is the age where people figure their shit out. That is what I'm banking on....cheers to another great year of racing. I've got my first coming up on Friday and excited to test this old body :)

I'm just a fine wine, aged and D-Lishious!!

After 30, a body has a mind of it's own.    Bette Midler

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jelly Bean Virtual Races

I signed up to complete all 4 Jelly Bean races because yes, I am an overachiever!! Truth is I knew it would help me push myself a bit with my training and put in a good effort. Sooo tired of the cooler weather here and wanted the extra motivation. Here is the breakdown of how each race went.

I  ran this as part of the April Fool's 5K Training runs hosted by our local Fleet Feet on Wednesday night. I was able to run with Sarah which made the miles go by quick and fast (uh, that's what she said). 

I really enjoy being able to get out and run with groups on days I not 100% feeling it as I am able to get my miles and usually have a good time.

Official Time: 28:36


I did this as part of my long run but I completely forgot to hit my lap button at 6.2 so I am estimating my time for the .2 but how many times are there malfunctions with clocks or timing chips at actual races? I try to make these things as real as possible here!! I was able to get in 8 out of my 12 on schedule for the day with Sarah and time went by quick. We battled 15 mph winds so we would alternate running into the wind zig zagging through the streets on Doty Island.
Official Time: 1:03.49

Half Marathon
I completed this as part of my 16 mile long run, I broke it up into segments with a 2 mile warmup followed by the half and then a .9 mile cooldown. I was pretty disappointed in the weatherman for this run. It was predicted to be 50 and sunny and I was sooo excited that when I wokeup I put on a running skirt and long sleeved shirt. As I was eating breakfast I checked the weather report and saw it was a high of 35 and rain showers in the afternoon with a 10mph wind. I trudged back into my room and threw on pants and an extra layer on top.

I was not enthused about this run but I wanted to take it slow and easy for my miles to just get them in. My previous attempt at 16 miles I cut it short as my IT Band was killing me and I was just over it so I only got in 14.25. We did 2 loops so we could take a break about halfway through to stretch and refill water. I was happy to be done with this run as we finished with sprinkles and dreary day overall. Not my happiest run but farthest I have run in about 6 months!!

Oh yeah, and I got crapped on by a bird at some point!! Just one of those days, I had already removed most of the residue as I was instantly grossed out when Sarah noticed it.

Official Time: 2:21:32

21K Bike
I completed this on the stationary bike, the weather just was not warm enough here to put on the mileage on my bike outside. I hopped onto the stationary bike and was able to zone out pretty quickly and just push the pace to a comfortably fast pace. Here is my 13 mile time, well close enough as it took a bit before I could get a picture that was slightly readable. I ended up doing a total of 21 miles before hopping off to get in a quick swim before my bike fit.

I just got this slick new ride and I can't wait to get it on the road, but I'm going to baby this thing and wait until the nasty snow is melted and the salt is gone before officially riding it.

Official Time: 36:40

Sorry about my crappy Garmin split pics, still messing with these and being able to have the size show up right!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

Ok, so it is really Monday but yesterday was a long day filled with my extended family and catching up with them. So today I'm catching up with all of you! Here is the breakdown of what my training looked like last week, again I was slacking off early on in the week, UGH!

Monday: Strength workout missed, went to vist the tax guy and just had no energy when I got home to do this.

Tuesday: Pub Run Easter Egg Hunt (4 mile Run) - This was a blast and had fun running with Sarah, Matt, John & Erin. They "hid" easter eggs in the snow and trees along a section of the course and then you got to "find" one egg when you got back to the bar. Most of them had prizes in them including free race entries, free socks, free towel, free water bag, $40 off a training program, free tap beer, free coupons and of course they all had candy. I managed to snag a free beer, free water bag and a coupon...they had extras at the end so of course I snagged up one of those!!

Wednesday: April Fool's Training Run (3.5 mile Run) - This was the final week and since I made it the other 2 weeks I scored a free tech shirt, bummer on only having the mens sizes though! I end up using these doing yard work in the summer since they don't really work for runs or bikes as it's abit too big.

What do you do with your race shirts that don't fit quite right?

Thursday: Strength Routine - I am trying to play around with a strength routine I made up with items I find challening so I am working my weak points. I just did one set to see how sore I felt from that and how well it would flow since I made a few changes from last week. I felt really tired again so I called it at that.

Friday: 21 miles on the stationary bike and 0.5 mile swim. I had Good Friday off for work so I took advantage and got to the gym around 8:30 to get it out of the way. As I'm getting ready several elderly women started strolling in with their suits.....I realized the aqua aerobics class was at 9. DANG IT!!This sucked since I knew that I would have to bike a bit longer and cut my planned swim short. I had to be out of the gym at 10:40 at the latest and class would not be done until 10. I was getting my new road bike fit and setup with aerobars at a local bike shop at 11am. It left just enough time to get home, throw on a pair of tri shorts and load up the bike. Check this baby out!!
My husband thinks I ruined the black/white theme of my bike with the purple and lime green water bottle cages. A girl needs a little color, right! Thoughts??

Saturday: 16 mile long run, all but 2 miles with Sarah and it felt good to get the mileage in. We were both struggling with IT Band paid towards the end so we interspersed walk breaks as needed, but overall still a better pace than all of our long runs last year!! This was how I felt about the weatherman's prediction of 50 degrees and sunny.....

...since we had 35 degrees with a 10mph wind and we actually finished our run in the rain that was moved in during the afternoon. This picutre I think sums it up nicely.

Sunday: Easter Food Eating Competition.....okay so I toned this down as I did not want to try and lose the weight. I am in the process of tracking my food and cutting out the unhealthy items so I limited my desserts to my two faves (1/2 slice of apple pie and blueberry tort) and only took my favorite foods with mostly veggies in them and some turkey & ham.

Were you able to contain yourself?