Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

With this past week essentially being my birthday week and having a race, I ended up scaling back quite a bit on my workouts as I was out Wed - Sat nights. I did get in one morning workout so I call that a success to start with!

Monday: Skipped strength workout, need to stop skipping these!!

Tuesday: 5 mile Fleet Feet Fun Run - I turned this into a tempo run trying to keep up with the faster group, we stop at the top of the 2 large hills to kind of regroup and catch our breaths. Kept a nice solid pace and I was happy. I was so hungry after this as I didn't get to eat so I skipped my swim and headed home to do my strength workout instead. Last workout being a 29 year old.

Wednesday: AM Swim 1600m - I got into the pool early in the morning and it was sooo nice. Quiet and zoned out to swim 1 mile straight, I haven't done that in awhile. Annoyed though that the whirlpool was closed as my back was a bit stiff, so I tried the sauna instead and it didn't seem to be working as it wasn't any warmer in there. Opted for a longer hot shower and took in the feeling of finally being 30.

Thursday: Skipped bike ride, was hoping to get out for a spin on my new bike but the roads still are kinda dirty from the snow as the street cleaner hadn't been out yet and no rain. Ended up working a bit later and missed my window.

Friday: April Fool's 5K run, spoiler alert... I PR'd. Race Recap to come soon! Here was the outfit I had picked out and didn't care that it was still only about 30 degrees.

Saturday: Rest, I wanted to get my long run done but my legs felt dead. Instead I took the day off and cleaned the house and washed the bedding and blankets.

Sunday: 12 mile Long Run, I really was not feeling this and was PMS'ing a bit. My husband got me out the door and I wanted to do a nice easy pace as I still had some tired legs. Could not slow myself down enough so I converted it into a tempo run with 2 mile chunks. I would walk about .2 miles and then run until the 2 miles was over. I was able to mentally push myself and work through the tired legs and lactic acid I could tell building up. I ranged in pace from 8:30 - 9:30 minute miles while running and even finished my last mile in 9:01...progress!!

I am heading into this week with a plan for two a days with a morning workout and afternoon workout so I am hoping to have a good week and get in all 12 of my planned workouts, 3 each of run, bike, swim and strength.

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  1. 21 miles is pretty sweet for your birthday week. I'm excited to see how your half marathons pan out. I think they're going to be AWESOME!


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