Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

Ok, so it is really Monday but yesterday was a long day filled with my extended family and catching up with them. So today I'm catching up with all of you! Here is the breakdown of what my training looked like last week, again I was slacking off early on in the week, UGH!

Monday: Strength workout missed, went to vist the tax guy and just had no energy when I got home to do this.

Tuesday: Pub Run Easter Egg Hunt (4 mile Run) - This was a blast and had fun running with Sarah, Matt, John & Erin. They "hid" easter eggs in the snow and trees along a section of the course and then you got to "find" one egg when you got back to the bar. Most of them had prizes in them including free race entries, free socks, free towel, free water bag, $40 off a training program, free tap beer, free coupons and of course they all had candy. I managed to snag a free beer, free water bag and a coupon...they had extras at the end so of course I snagged up one of those!!

Wednesday: April Fool's Training Run (3.5 mile Run) - This was the final week and since I made it the other 2 weeks I scored a free tech shirt, bummer on only having the mens sizes though! I end up using these doing yard work in the summer since they don't really work for runs or bikes as it's abit too big.

What do you do with your race shirts that don't fit quite right?

Thursday: Strength Routine - I am trying to play around with a strength routine I made up with items I find challening so I am working my weak points. I just did one set to see how sore I felt from that and how well it would flow since I made a few changes from last week. I felt really tired again so I called it at that.

Friday: 21 miles on the stationary bike and 0.5 mile swim. I had Good Friday off for work so I took advantage and got to the gym around 8:30 to get it out of the way. As I'm getting ready several elderly women started strolling in with their suits.....I realized the aqua aerobics class was at 9. DANG IT!!This sucked since I knew that I would have to bike a bit longer and cut my planned swim short. I had to be out of the gym at 10:40 at the latest and class would not be done until 10. I was getting my new road bike fit and setup with aerobars at a local bike shop at 11am. It left just enough time to get home, throw on a pair of tri shorts and load up the bike. Check this baby out!!
My husband thinks I ruined the black/white theme of my bike with the purple and lime green water bottle cages. A girl needs a little color, right! Thoughts??

Saturday: 16 mile long run, all but 2 miles with Sarah and it felt good to get the mileage in. We were both struggling with IT Band paid towards the end so we interspersed walk breaks as needed, but overall still a better pace than all of our long runs last year!! This was how I felt about the weatherman's prediction of 50 degrees and sunny.....

...since we had 35 degrees with a 10mph wind and we actually finished our run in the rain that was moved in during the afternoon. This picutre I think sums it up nicely.

Sunday: Easter Food Eating Competition.....okay so I toned this down as I did not want to try and lose the weight. I am in the process of tracking my food and cutting out the unhealthy items so I limited my desserts to my two faves (1/2 slice of apple pie and blueberry tort) and only took my favorite foods with mostly veggies in them and some turkey & ham.

Were you able to contain yourself?

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  1. Is that my grandparent's bench? Nice job getting the LR done in this crappy weather.


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