Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

This week I was hoping to get back to normal again and it ended up being more of a ramp up back to my regular routine and I also had a fun weekend of events.
2mi Run - Planned to do 8 from my missed long run but by the time I met up with Matt & Kim they were ready to be done and was not feeling up for a long mileage day either. Thought about all those in Boston during this evening run.

5mi FF Fun Run - Sarah and I sported our Marathon shirts in honor of Boston. Solidarity!!

Rest Day - Hung out with the hubs and had some dinner together, we haven't been able to do this in awhile ite seems.

3mi Interval Run - 1mi wu with 400m intervals and 400m rest. Finally hit a sub 2:00, ohhhh yeeaahh.
9mi Cycling - This became a sweatfest after killing my interval workout. These prove it.

1mi Swim - 3x400m, 2x100m hard, 2x100m easy. Loving my morning pool swims lately.

Celebrated the Boston Bombing suspects being captured with Matt, Rachel & Kim.

Rest Day - Hangover Day!! Also was able to see The Lion King at the Performing Arts Center and LOVED it.

Oshkosk Half Marathon - Recap to come soon, but I did finish and managed a new shiny PR!

Did you have any fun events this week?


  1. Were the shirts better this year? It looks like the medals were. Great job on the new PR! Give me two weeks and hopefully I can make a good improvement on mine!

    1. Nope, that company is all the MSE uses so the Seroogy's shirts were the same too.


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