Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Step Forward

So many of us are trying to wrap our heads around what happened in Boston. Why would anyone attack an event that celebrates so much! As a runner I know how much of yourself you leave on the roads traveled, even those less traveled. It takes alot of heart and talent to get yourself to that starting line of a Marathon, and to that of Boston so much more.

Qualifying for me still seems like a long shot, but I have always mentioned that if I would ever qualify for Boston (or Kona) I would have to take the opportunity. I'm sure there were so many people there that day with that same feeling and it would be their very first. But now, their first will not likely be remembered for the joys experienced on the course or crossing the finish. That joy has been stripped from so many. For those that got stopped on their way, that joy was taken from them as well.

I know this image will be engrained in my brain forever.

I will NEVER forget. I did not sleep well Monday night. I just couldn't fathom who could do this and I could stop thinking about all those that have supported me during my races. It hurts me to know that most of the injured were those sending all their love to the runners!

I felt off during the run yesterday, but I couldn't help feeling proud pounding the pavement with the Fleet Feet group. I sported my 26.2 shirt from my first and only marathon to date. I could see people in the cars passing by taking note, especially because Sarah and I just happened to be twins. We were one loud statement that we will not go away, and we will run for those that can't!!

I will be running a half marathon on Sunday and the race organizers have already mentioned they will have a short memorial before the start of the race and have invited those that ran Boston to start the race. I will be putting all of myself out there on that road.

I just saw this latest breaking report that makes my heart less heavy.
In what could be major break in the Boston Marathon case, investigators are on the hunt for a man seen in a department store surveillance video dropping off a bag at the site of the bombings, a local politician said Wednesday.
City Council President Stephen Murphy, who said he was briefed by Boston police, said investigators saw the image on surveillance footage they got from a department store near the finish line and matched the findings with witness descriptions of someone leaving the scene.

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  1. Fun being twins, that does make a statement.

    I hope they catch this person soon, it will make the world feel a little safer to know who it is and if he was operating alone


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