Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

This week was all about getting in my 3 runs, bikes and swims and get myself into that habit. I did manage to do everything altough the mileage on a few could have been a little higher but that will come with time.

3.7mile Memorial Run for Boston - I toughed this out with tired legs after my incredible PR the day before. So inspirational to see the turnout and those wearing their jackets. This was followed with a few beers and good friends!

1200m swim - Completed in two 600m sets, trying to build up a bit of endurance and yet maintain a good speed.

Rest day. I met up with a good friend for dinner and drinks and ran into some family as well. Hung out with my favorite bartender until we managed to empty out the place, nobody wanted to come visit!

3.2 mile test ride on my new bike (aka the black stallion) and managed the clip in pedals decent enough, no falls at least!

walking with clip-in shoes is ridiculous

and so is my mushroom head.

1.8mile run - went off for my run after hopping off the bike, felt slight pain in my right shin and decided not to push it.

1600m swim - no breaks other than swimming on my side for a small chunk to fix my swim cap and flip turned it the whole time. I am still figuring those out so half the time I don't think I am doing it correctly.

13mile bike - there was some serious wind going on but I didn't let it deter me, but I failed and the route I planned I thought would be a crosswind but instead was at my back the way out and facing a 20mph headwind the whole way home. UGH!!

6.1mile run - my legs were feeling dead so at 2,4 & 6 I stopped to walk for a bit and my right shin seems to have a minor shin splint going on now so I didn't do the planned 8. The day was absolutely gorgeous in the mid 60s here today but I am just not used to since we haven't seen anything higher than about 45 here so far.

14.5mi bike - Rode over to babysit my nephews for a few hours and then headed out for farther before turning around and heading home. I need to plan my routes a little better as I keep ending up with wind in my face the whole way back. Can't complain about the near 70 degree weather though!

2 hr swim clinic- Put on by the Tri City foxes (local triathlon club) so I can help improve my swimming technique and gain a little ground there. It's always nice having someone else watch and point out what you are missing. We even did a drill for swimming with people cramming you on both sides and a mass start which was great!

This week's goal is to maintain the workload of 3 workouts each and add in my strength as I know I need to keep on it. It's also Wisconsin Half Marathon on Saturday and a getaway weekend!

What are your goals this week?

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