Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Just a random mish mash of things on my mind or happening lately.

1. Getting an online order delivered is like getting presents, even though you are the one that bought it. I love that there was absolutely no packaging but the goods in the box, I hate those peanuts and air bags! I got a pull buoy and paddles to help me perfect my stroke and another suit since a little variety is nice.

2. I can't wait until my hammock gets here on Wednesday, it has been too long since I have been able to relax in the back yard reading a book. I broke the last one 2 years ago and I miss it soo much.

3. My husband finally has come around with hummus, he now loves it!! And now I need to start stocking up on the grocery store because one container now only lasts a few days. Darn him for eating me out of my favorite snack.

4. Eastbay cracks me up, this is about the fifth month in the row I have received two catalogs delivered. Apparently they can't figure out I'm the same person because the only thing different is my last name. I think it's about time to let them in on the little secret!

5. Tonight is the Fleet Feet Pub Run and I'm looking forward to a low-key run and some beers afterward with my running peeps.

6. Starting to think about what I need to pack for this weekend's race and a race outfit, but I'm sure the weather will change it's mind a few times between now and then! Only 3 more days until I am getting ready to leave. Can't wait to get this medal and then pop open a bruski with it.

7. I officially signed up for the Fox Cities Marathon in September so there is no turning back now. Training starts in a mere 4 weeks. EEEEKKK!!!

8. I can't decide if I want to cut my hair. It's finally at a length long enough that I can do alot with it, but it's so gosh darn heavy and full. I need to get layers put in or just cut it off again for the summer, which is probably the likeliest option. I guess I will see if I have enough to donate it for the fourth time. I mean so many people want my hair so why not?

9. Blogger meetup at the WI Marathon this weekend, meet in the Food Tent before the race if you want to meet some crazy amazing bloggers.

10. I need to get my ass back to yoga. I need the relaxation as I feel like stress is creeping into my life more than it needs to be and my muscles could use the hot sweatfest to stretch them out. I creeped my husband out the other day for having man calves!

11. I try to do some yardwork and I got attacked, that bush came out of nowhere!

I'm going to end it here since I like to be an oddball :) :)

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  1. I agree I love ordering stuff online, so excited when I order it and when I finally get it in the mail!


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