Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Wrapup

I'm a little late this week for my wrap up but it was for good reason. I had a racecation this weekend and got back just in time to head to a baby shower.

25 min of Strength

1200m Swim - 400m warmup followed by pull buoy and paddle drills and 2*100m hard at the end. Working to improve my swimming efficiency & times.

4.39m Run - Pub Run night, our group took our own way seeing if a new route was all ready and how far exactly it would be. First really humid day of the year and we were all suffering a bit.

1m Dog Walk to round out the night

Rest due to some shin pain and trying to wrap everything up for work before travelling on Friday. These were my roomies for the weekend.

13.1m Run - Wisconsin Half Marathon, recap to come soon!! I did not get a PR and experienced some new things during this race. Definitely a learning experience for me.

Shopping at some outlet stores & travelling home so that counts for something!

Overall this week was not my best, I was fighting shin pain earlier in the week and I wanted to play it safe and listen to my body and rest up due to the upcoming race. A learning experience week and it makes me motivated to get back at it hard this week!

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