Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Starting off on the wrong foot

So I've run quite a few races lately and I feel like all I've done are Recaps. I am breaking things up a bit to throw a little something else in there. I do qualify for the Half Fanatics if I feel like joining as I did manage to complete 3 half marathons in 4 weeks.

My body was feeling tired so I took a little bit of a break on my body. I averaged about two runs during the week and that is about it. I got in one bike and one swim in the past three weeks other than the runs. I did also manage to get my Marathon/Olympic Triathlon training written down so I can get back on track after the Green Bay half. And then this happened while I was cooking Stir Fry the evening of the race. Let's just say Steam can really hurt in a matter of seconds!!

Which wasn't too bad other than it threw out my swim sessions once the skin layer came off. And then I came down with the nasty cold that was going around. So all my workouts went out the window until I could actually breathe again. I was really upset as I got sick the day my husband was due to get back from being out of town for work the last 4 days :( I had to resort to a quick peck when he got home and trying to quarantine myself so he wouldn't get sick.

At least both hit me at once so I just resorted to taking another rest week and getting back at it as soon as I could. Which happened to be the monthly Pub Run with Fleet Feet, they happened to have a Saucony rep and we all laughed at his shirt. We enjoyed tacos and our first beer on Saucony which we all appreciated! Turns out they were raffling some shirts off after the run and everyone got one ticket when they returned. My luck was turning around as I actually won one!!

10 weeks until the Olympic Triathlon and 17 weeks until the Marathon and I'm trying to slightly ease back into this week so I don't burn out after a month of slacking exploring other activities. It also has become really humid here and the warm temps have returned so I will need to bust out my Endurolyte pills to help me survive the heat. Lake flies are also out in full force this year and I just discovered that biking is WAY worse than running through them. Getting pelted all over with the little buggers sucks!!

PS. Kim if you are still reading this, please send me GB pics you have of me ;)


  1. ouch on the steam burn, but at least it coicided nicely with the cold!

    I have seen those shirts and had to laugh and them also. Yay for runner's highs!

  2. I love that shirt!

    Are you not running Ragnar now? Are you doing Bellin? I think I'll be coming up for it!

    1. No on Ragnar, need to sign up yet for Bellin but planning on doing it!!


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