Thursday, March 26, 2015

Point Bock 5 mile - Race Recap

The first weekend of March is always reserved in my calendar for the Point Bock 5 mile run. Who doesn't love a race that you only have to run 5 miles to earn 3 free beers from an awesome brewery and get to spend that time with friends. Pretty much a DUH there!

Normally this race is pretty cold and we are all feeling done with winter by this time. In a few of the past races it has managed to snow the night before and the footing conditions were not always the best. I came into the race with no expectations, I was not in shape for a PR and I wanted to just enjoy the day. It was a blissful 35 degree day with the sun shining, but there was a pretty strong headwind we would have to deal with on parts of the course. Yay for only having to wear single layers again!

Several of us decided to run together, Sarah and I busted out laughing at the beginning of the race when the local speedwalker went right by us. We have seen this guy at local races for the past few years and this guy in particular passed me just before mile 25 of the GB marathon last year. It took us a little bit to get our shit back together but we passed him not too much later and left him in our dust!

It took me awhile to find a groove in this race and when I finally did we were about 3 miles in, it lasted for about a mile until I felt like I was slowly crashing. I felt hungry at the start of the race, which starts at noon, and I didn't bring along anything to eat. I knew we were close so I pushed myself to try and keep a good pace. I surprised myself with my finishing time and pace. This was also the first race I have done where I did not carry water with me and I didn't grab any at the turnaround either. This will change though as the weather warms up.

Once we finished I gulped down some water and gatorade and then eat the teeniest banana, a bagel chunk and a blueberry muffin. Then it was into the tent for some brewski's and the post race high!

We eventually left to grab some lunch/dinner and then headed to the hotel to clean up. We had a fun night playing Hammershlagen and a bit of karaoke, when we finally crashed I think it only took me a few minutes to pass out!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

HIM Training Weeks 5 & 6

Been awhile since I have had a few moments to recap my workouts, but better late than never. Work has been pretty chaotic the last couple weeks again and when I haven't been working or training, I have been eating, sleeping or drinking. Priorities people! I did have some fun weekends though too.

Since I feel lazy and didn't want to type out what I did, I will give you a glimpse into what my training plan looks like.

Week 5 Favorite Workout - Outside of the race, recap coming soon, it is my long bike on Sunday. Let's just say that I partied hard while out of town for the race on Saturday and my body was not exactly prepared for what it had to do. I waited as long as possible to do this and I think I hopped on my bike around 7:30pm. I began in misery and wanted to just make it to 30 miles and call it good, by half way through I was actually starting to feel really good and I finished all of this. I learned a valuable lesson....never doubt yourself.

This weekend was consumed by the race travel and overnight stay in town, got back early Sunday morning but I was having some really odd stomach cramps that were killing me.

Week 6 Favorite Workout - My long swim on Saturday, I didn't think it was going to be pretty as I felt exhausted from going 2 miles longer on our run thanks to a missed turn. I got a little longer break in between then I usually do and I made sure to take a gel right before I swam and this totally helped. I just hopped into the pool and nailed it, never stopped! I couldn't believe it, if you could smile and swim that is what I would have been doing. Time flew by doing laps in the pool too, I am learning how to keep myself distracted during my workouts.

After my workouts on Saturday I managed to get a nap in and then head to my hubby's work party, I was nervous as this was his first one and the first time I would meet most of his coworkers. So happy he has a good friend that works there so I at least knew 2 people! Sunday I planned my long ride to coincide with the UW Badgers Men's Basketball game as they were in the Big 10 Championship, I don't have TV but I listened to game during the ride to keep me entertained. Then it was off to a birthday party to wrap up the weekend. I really did not have much time at home at all.

I am trying to learn how to cook for my new nutrition needs, aka trying to get as much protein in my body as I can and eat lots of carbs. I had some chicken to cook up and I whipped up some sauteed mushrooms and threw some sliced pepperjack cheese on top of the chicken breast and it was delicious and quick to make. I will be doing this again soon! I realized that I needed something a bit more so I steamed up some broccoli when I got done cooking this, next time I can at least do these at the same time.

It's fun being at the point in my training where almost every week I am hitting a new distance in swimming and biking. That doesn't exactly happen anymore with my runs and I miss the feeling of conquering something you thought was impossible.

Monday, March 2, 2015

HIM Training Week 4

My view on my trainer, getting used to this sight!
Yay for a recovery week!! Work is slowing down back to normal pace and I was able to take a day off work and not feel bad about it.

M: Rest
T: Run - 5.25 mi on treadmill, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi
Th: Run - 4 mi
F: Bike - 15 mi, Swim - 1200 m, Weights - 1 hr
S: Run - 12 mi
S: Improptu Rest day - overdid the weights Friday and needed a recovery day, it's recovery week anyway...right?!

Favorite workout of the week: My run on Thursday was glorious, I was able to get done with work at a reasonable time and head out the door. It was cold but sunny and the sun was setting just when I got home. I didn't really push the pace much but ran a respectable 9:30ish average. I am looking forward to more days of this to come!
Technically from Saturday's run, but close enough

Crazy to think my training is already 1/5 of the way completed, 16 more weeks until race day. I checked out a book from the library titled "Swim, Bike, Run - Eat" to help me look at my nutrition side of things in addition to the actual training schedule. If I want to keep doing well as the mileages increase I need to fuel this engine properly.

I need to make a plan for food and put in the effort I take for the physical portion of it. So many people leave this out of their training, I am 100% guilty!! I know as I want to increase my endurance and be able to perform comfortably for long periods of time I need to add some focus on this.

My goals are to begin to focus on my nutrition intake pre and post workout as much as I do for during my workouts. I also am trying to put together a quick body weight and light weights routine for getting some strength in on my bike days.

And I have the most supportive hubby ever, last week on my super long 35 mile trainer ride, he came running out into the room with this lovely sign cheering me on for the last part and came back for the last few miles. Except for the part where he kept upping my gears for the last mile, ugh!
Apparently Google doesn't think it was rotated correctly, don't feel like trying to figure out how to fix this.