Saturday, March 21, 2015

HIM Training Weeks 5 & 6

Been awhile since I have had a few moments to recap my workouts, but better late than never. Work has been pretty chaotic the last couple weeks again and when I haven't been working or training, I have been eating, sleeping or drinking. Priorities people! I did have some fun weekends though too.

Since I feel lazy and didn't want to type out what I did, I will give you a glimpse into what my training plan looks like.

Week 5 Favorite Workout - Outside of the race, recap coming soon, it is my long bike on Sunday. Let's just say that I partied hard while out of town for the race on Saturday and my body was not exactly prepared for what it had to do. I waited as long as possible to do this and I think I hopped on my bike around 7:30pm. I began in misery and wanted to just make it to 30 miles and call it good, by half way through I was actually starting to feel really good and I finished all of this. I learned a valuable lesson....never doubt yourself.

This weekend was consumed by the race travel and overnight stay in town, got back early Sunday morning but I was having some really odd stomach cramps that were killing me.

Week 6 Favorite Workout - My long swim on Saturday, I didn't think it was going to be pretty as I felt exhausted from going 2 miles longer on our run thanks to a missed turn. I got a little longer break in between then I usually do and I made sure to take a gel right before I swam and this totally helped. I just hopped into the pool and nailed it, never stopped! I couldn't believe it, if you could smile and swim that is what I would have been doing. Time flew by doing laps in the pool too, I am learning how to keep myself distracted during my workouts.

After my workouts on Saturday I managed to get a nap in and then head to my hubby's work party, I was nervous as this was his first one and the first time I would meet most of his coworkers. So happy he has a good friend that works there so I at least knew 2 people! Sunday I planned my long ride to coincide with the UW Badgers Men's Basketball game as they were in the Big 10 Championship, I don't have TV but I listened to game during the ride to keep me entertained. Then it was off to a birthday party to wrap up the weekend. I really did not have much time at home at all.

I am trying to learn how to cook for my new nutrition needs, aka trying to get as much protein in my body as I can and eat lots of carbs. I had some chicken to cook up and I whipped up some sauteed mushrooms and threw some sliced pepperjack cheese on top of the chicken breast and it was delicious and quick to make. I will be doing this again soon! I realized that I needed something a bit more so I steamed up some broccoli when I got done cooking this, next time I can at least do these at the same time.

It's fun being at the point in my training where almost every week I am hitting a new distance in swimming and biking. That doesn't exactly happen anymore with my runs and I miss the feeling of conquering something you thought was impossible.

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  1. Great week and great food! Mushrooms sauteed make so many things better!


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