Monday, March 2, 2015

HIM Training Week 4

My view on my trainer, getting used to this sight!
Yay for a recovery week!! Work is slowing down back to normal pace and I was able to take a day off work and not feel bad about it.

M: Rest
T: Run - 5.25 mi on treadmill, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi
Th: Run - 4 mi
F: Bike - 15 mi, Swim - 1200 m, Weights - 1 hr
S: Run - 12 mi
S: Improptu Rest day - overdid the weights Friday and needed a recovery day, it's recovery week anyway...right?!

Favorite workout of the week: My run on Thursday was glorious, I was able to get done with work at a reasonable time and head out the door. It was cold but sunny and the sun was setting just when I got home. I didn't really push the pace much but ran a respectable 9:30ish average. I am looking forward to more days of this to come!
Technically from Saturday's run, but close enough

Crazy to think my training is already 1/5 of the way completed, 16 more weeks until race day. I checked out a book from the library titled "Swim, Bike, Run - Eat" to help me look at my nutrition side of things in addition to the actual training schedule. If I want to keep doing well as the mileages increase I need to fuel this engine properly.

I need to make a plan for food and put in the effort I take for the physical portion of it. So many people leave this out of their training, I am 100% guilty!! I know as I want to increase my endurance and be able to perform comfortably for long periods of time I need to add some focus on this.

My goals are to begin to focus on my nutrition intake pre and post workout as much as I do for during my workouts. I also am trying to put together a quick body weight and light weights routine for getting some strength in on my bike days.

And I have the most supportive hubby ever, last week on my super long 35 mile trainer ride, he came running out into the room with this lovely sign cheering me on for the last part and came back for the last few miles. Except for the part where he kept upping my gears for the last mile, ugh!
Apparently Google doesn't think it was rotated correctly, don't feel like trying to figure out how to fix this.

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  1. haha I love Chris's sign. What a guy!

    You are doing an awesome job with your training Lishy! I'm so impressed. Keep it up!


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