About Me

My name is Alicia(Lish) and I'm an accountant who works from home. I enjoy the fact that I can roll out of bed each morning and work is only a few steps away, this means I basically live in my workout clothes. I do miss the comradarie at work and meeting new people, so I just have to be creative with how I do it.

I enjoy running and in 2011 I decided to tackle a distance race and completed my first half marathon. I got to run on the hallowed ground of Lambeau Field, which as a diehard Packer fan was breathtaking!! (I'm the one in the green shirt)

I competed in my first sprint triathlons in 2012 since my first love was biking and I'm a fish when it comes to being in the water. I'm glad I did both as my experiences were very different and I'm hoping to complete a Half Ironman in a few years.

I ran my first full marathon in October 2012 and I'm really enjoying endurance sports. I am addicted and I cannot seem to stop myself anymore!! I am continuing to push for more out of myself as I don't want to ever give up.

I got engaged on the best day possible.......several hours before the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl. We got to spend all day celebrating in a bar with those we love. I attempted to memorialize the moment when we got home, and as you can see our dog ruined it. We are now happily married and looking forward to many future years together.

I still love my big boy because how could you resist this?

If you want to know more about my crazy life just ask!! You can contact me at dlishland@gmail.com.