Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Race Recap: April Fool's 5K

This was my first time running this race so it was exciting to try out a new course in town and the race was scheduled for 6pm Friday evening. So far afternoon/evening races have always been good to me and I was hoping for a continuation of the same. I was a little disappointed in the weather since it was right around freezing and only dropping with the sun but I said screw it, I am wearing a dang skirt anyways!! I am so happy I did, during the race my temperate was perfect....first time that has ever happened!

Here are my takeaways from the event.

1. The race was not well run, this is the 3rd year and there will still a number of bugs that have not been worked out.This one had issues from get go, it was a point to point so you were asked to park at the finish to be shuttled to the start. They did not have enough busses for the 1000 runners and the start was delayed by about 20 minutes, which meant everyone got to stand around freezing longer. The microphones were not turned up so it made it very hard to hear pre-race instructions and the national anthem. The race awards took forever and the first few hundred finishers times were not posted until the race was basically over. I hope they actually learn from one of these races but I definitely won't be back.

And we are finally off......

2. The course wound through neighborhoods so the streets were well maintained and a few people sat outside their houses to cheer us on. It was a flat race course with basically no elevation change at all so a speedy race was sure to be had. Spoiler alert.......I did bag a new PR!!

This was the best photo they could get of me finishing as I was screaming past a fellow chic ...hey she looked like a fellow age grouper... and trying to catch Kim's hubby Nick.

3. Running with a great group of friends!! We had a decent group running the race and it was fun to run with several of them for most of the race. I really think we helped push each other along as we kept just trying to hold our places. After we all zipped through the finish it was nice to chit chat afterwards bitch about the issues and celebrate a number of PR's!

Congrats to Kim who snagged this snazzy age group award!

Final stats for the day......

Overall Time            25:15

* PR by a whopping 3 minutes!!

AG(30-34)               8/90
Sex                         36/305
Overall                 139/894

I immediately came home and plugged in my time in the McMillan Running calculator, totally normal to do, and realized I may just be able to pull off the sub 2 half if I can keep this up!! C'mon I know you all have done this before!

On a side note, I am really bummed I did not get a good pic from the middle of the race, I even smiled and waved at the photographer but he didn't get that. Watch out...ginormous thighs coming through!!


  1. Bummer that the race was not well organized, but CONGRATS on a new PR, three minutes is a lot to cut off a 5k!

  2. Nick is always in the way! YOU DID SO AWESOME! Great PR lady!


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