Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

This past week started off GREAT!!
And then Thursday I felt like utter crap and discovered why later that evening.......I had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Thursday was an evening of sheer pain and waaayyy too many bathroom trips. I did my reseach, started drinking cranberry juice in addition to alot of water and knew I needed to get in to see a doc to get antibiotics.

Friday I ended up spending 2.5 hours in urgent care to essentially piss in a cup and tell me what I already knew. And then wait 30 minutes to get a few pills. What a waste of time!! I am pretty sure I got this from cycling on Tuesday night since the timing seems to fit and it is a pretty common cause for women.

1200m am swim broken into two 600m sets, lovin the pool in the morning at the gym!!

5 mile steady run on the treadmill at 10:20 with an incline of 1.00, this was practice at running an even pace for the GB half I will be pacing.

15 mile bike ride on the stationary bike

1200m am swim broken into three 400m sets.

Thursday - Sunday
REST!! The antibiotic I have been taking since Friday evening causes dizziness, so all I can seem to handle is about 10 minutes of activity before I feel like i'm going to pass out.

I am looking forward to taking my last pill tomorrow morning so that I can get back into my routine and get ready for racing next Sunday! Planning on trying to get in 6-8 miles tomorrow night since I missed my 8 miler this weekend.

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