Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jelly Bean Virtual Races

I signed up to complete all 4 Jelly Bean races because yes, I am an overachiever!! Truth is I knew it would help me push myself a bit with my training and put in a good effort. Sooo tired of the cooler weather here and wanted the extra motivation. Here is the breakdown of how each race went.

I  ran this as part of the April Fool's 5K Training runs hosted by our local Fleet Feet on Wednesday night. I was able to run with Sarah which made the miles go by quick and fast (uh, that's what she said). 

I really enjoy being able to get out and run with groups on days I not 100% feeling it as I am able to get my miles and usually have a good time.

Official Time: 28:36


I did this as part of my long run but I completely forgot to hit my lap button at 6.2 so I am estimating my time for the .2 but how many times are there malfunctions with clocks or timing chips at actual races? I try to make these things as real as possible here!! I was able to get in 8 out of my 12 on schedule for the day with Sarah and time went by quick. We battled 15 mph winds so we would alternate running into the wind zig zagging through the streets on Doty Island.
Official Time: 1:03.49

Half Marathon
I completed this as part of my 16 mile long run, I broke it up into segments with a 2 mile warmup followed by the half and then a .9 mile cooldown. I was pretty disappointed in the weatherman for this run. It was predicted to be 50 and sunny and I was sooo excited that when I wokeup I put on a running skirt and long sleeved shirt. As I was eating breakfast I checked the weather report and saw it was a high of 35 and rain showers in the afternoon with a 10mph wind. I trudged back into my room and threw on pants and an extra layer on top.

I was not enthused about this run but I wanted to take it slow and easy for my miles to just get them in. My previous attempt at 16 miles I cut it short as my IT Band was killing me and I was just over it so I only got in 14.25. We did 2 loops so we could take a break about halfway through to stretch and refill water. I was happy to be done with this run as we finished with sprinkles and dreary day overall. Not my happiest run but farthest I have run in about 6 months!!

Oh yeah, and I got crapped on by a bird at some point!! Just one of those days, I had already removed most of the residue as I was instantly grossed out when Sarah noticed it.

Official Time: 2:21:32

21K Bike
I completed this on the stationary bike, the weather just was not warm enough here to put on the mileage on my bike outside. I hopped onto the stationary bike and was able to zone out pretty quickly and just push the pace to a comfortably fast pace. Here is my 13 mile time, well close enough as it took a bit before I could get a picture that was slightly readable. I ended up doing a total of 21 miles before hopping off to get in a quick swim before my bike fit.

I just got this slick new ride and I can't wait to get it on the road, but I'm going to baby this thing and wait until the nasty snow is melted and the salt is gone before officially riding it.

Official Time: 36:40

Sorry about my crappy Garmin split pics, still messing with these and being able to have the size show up right!

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