Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pure Flow 2: Review of Changes

There has been alot of discussion about the changes in the Pure Flow between series 1 and series 2 (that came out in December). I was able to find a pair of originals on sale about a month ago on the Brooks site and got the last one in my size thankfully for $59. You just never know what is going to happen when they make changes, as minor as they may be.

I am just about through the pair I was wearing and still have the sale pair yet to break into but I have been wanting to try out the series 2 just to see how it feels. Here is what I have to say about them so far, granted I have only done about 3 speedwork sessions in these and not any longer mileage. Here is some of the changes they made and my comparison to the older version.

1. They look a little strange on your feet due to the curved lacing style

2.  It's a bit funky to get into the shoe as the tongue is open only on the inner side of your foot.

Coral - Pure Flow 2      Purple -Pure Flow 1

3. They changed the whole upper sole and fabric to be more seamless and it feels like the toe box is a bit bigger. For me it means less toe blisters as my feet can move but it seems to be a downfall to most people. For once I can say YAY for having wide feet! You can also see on the above pic there is more support around the ankle too.

4. The back of the shoe is higher on the heel, this caused some rubbing so I am going to slap a little body glide on for the next run and swee what happens.

Overall I think they made too many changes to the shoe when really the only complaint I heard from people about the originals is the tongue sliding to the outside during the run. But this really didn't cause any performance issues with the shoe and could have just been a simple fix. I hope they learn something from this and the version 3 will be more like the original shoe.

They still are the shoe for me hopefully as I just can't seem to fit into any other brands shoes well due to the wide feet syndrome comfortably. I tried the Kinvara's and they were just too narrow of a shoe and they felt awful on my feet. Does anyone have any comparable shoe to this that they have found without going to a zero drop shoe? I don't think I'm quite ready for that jump yet as I need to get my hips and core stronger.


  1. Great comparison post! I was so sad that the 2s would not work for me, loved the 1s so much, the rubbing on my achilles was just too much for me, so disapointing.

    1. I am seriously afraid to take these out for a long run!

  2. I actually love the tongues on these shoes! They seem to grip better. I have the Pure Cadence, and i love them, just not for super long distance. I also have very narrow feet though...


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