Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Triumphs

This past week was an exciting week for me, I have broken out of my little turtle shell and began exploring. I joined the Fox Cities Triathlon Club late last year since it's free, so of course I'm in and I recently started to attend their functions. I am helping out with the TRI 101 clinic doing the following:

1. I spoke a few words of wisdom at the TRI 101 class Wed
2. Help out with the Newbie Rides (2)
3. Help out at the Running Form Clinic
4. Help out with the Newbie Runs (2)
* I am being selfish and taking the Swim Clinic and Open Water Swim classes

At our March meeting on Sunday, we had a local runner come speak to us about doing multiple distance races in a short period of time. She is now a pacer for 8 marathons a year and it was such a great learning experience. I am interested in pacing so I was excited to hear her story and chat her up afterwards. I emailed her after the fact and I have the opportunity to "unofficially" pace at the Cellcom GB half marathon for the 2:20 pace group, she is the pace team leader and paired me up with one of the pacers. I was signed up to run already so I am sacrificing this race to hit the Sub 2 half I'm looking for but I will gain so much knowledge & experience. I found I have more fun at races when it's about other people and not me hitting my goals.

I will be volunteering this coming Sunday for the local St. Pat's race, I will be at a water stop on the 17K course (they also have a 5K) and helping with cleanup of the course. Can't wait to help out and encourage the runners on, hope the weather cooperates. I was excited to learn that they have a MVP program where if you volunteer for 5 hours at a race you get a free race entry. This includes their most expensive race which is a half Ironman distance. Why did I just figure this out? This cheap lady is always looking for deals and I think I will volunteer more so I can do more races for free!

My racing schedule may just start filling up even more for this year and will definitely be using this to pay for the Half Ironman race next year :)


  1. I have actually considered joining the Fox Cities Tri Club, but I feel like I'm not "there" yet. I want to be about fifty pounds lighter---and then it's on!


    1. I would encourage you to sign up now, it's free anyways. There are so many people there that are less "in shape" than you would think and it would provide you motivation to get out there! There are going to be several newbie runs and bikes coming up so you should definitely join to get in the loop on those :)

  2. Someday I want to pace a half marathon, I do think it would be fun too. Great job helping others!

  3. Not to encourage a jam-packed schedule, but are you still interested in running ragnar? We had a girl get pregnant :) I think you mentioned being interested at one point... Also, it is impossible to find your email! That is all. :)

    1. In case you don't get my email reply, would love to do Ragnar...when and where??

      I'm kind of a racing hoar!!


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