Thursday, March 7, 2013

TRI 101 Clinic

Last night was the TRI 101 clinic put on by Fox Cities Triathlon Club. I just joined this past fall, of course after I had already done all mine because I finally found them online and realized that cost of joining...NADA! To that I said, count me in! I saw the jersey's during the races I attended last year and figured why not make some more friends in the sport. And via the newsletter and meetings each month we get some discounts about races, deals at the local shops and we even have a 60% off deal to get a wetsuit, which I'm going to totally take advantage of.

I jumped at the chance when they asked for volunteers to help with the TRI 101 clinic as I really felt I had alot to offer. I learned alot last year through trial and error and I of course did not attend anything like this. I went to a brief meeting with some tips put on by Wheel & Sprocket and Fleet Feet Sports so I at least had a forum I could ask some of my questions.

I was asked to speak about my experience to the group and I was nervous because I do not speak in front of groups of people. I freak out and I just don't like it, even if I know everyone in the room. I grew up in a very large family so you think I would be used to it. I procrastinated writing my speech as I didn't really know what to say. I revised it like 8 times and I still was adding little notes to the paper I printed off about 5 minutes before I had to leave.

I would be speaking at the end after we had already discussed the Swim, Bike, Run, Transition and Trianing Plan portions to share what I learned from my first time and encourage them they can do it. As I was sitting there listening I finally figured out what I really would say and scratched what I had toiled over for the last few days! I just totally winged it and went with what I was feeling.

Proof I got up there and did not freak the eff out! It really was a great turnout with around 60 people showing up and I got to impart a few pieces of knowledge on them. Here was what I imparted upon them during my part

1. Sign up for more than one race, you don't want one bad experience to ruin your view on the sport
2. Practice your transitions, alot can go wrong during this part
3. Triathlon is a mentally challenging sport, I find it equal to a marathon or even more. There is just so much more put into it getting to the finish.
4. Focus only on what you are doing, don't think about what is left yet in the race (I find this helpful in running too in thinking how far I've gone instead of what's left)

I was able to talk to a few people afterwards and answer a few of their questions and give a number of them encouragement that they have the ability to do it. I also mentioned I am planning on doing the Olympic distance this summer, so I kinda have to right??

I do feel obligated now to buy a shirt for the club to wear as I'm also signed up to help for the Running Clinic, Newbie Runs and Rides. I plan on going to the Swim Clinic myself as I could use some tips in that area.

Looking forward to meeting new friends and having a great spring/summer. Which we are least going to get rain this weekend and daylight savings time is coming. Ready for this snow to melt away and no more ice!!


  1. sounds like some great advice. Good job on the public speaking, I hate talking in front of large crowds..YIKES

  2. Congrats on making it through the talk! I'm sure all of the new people really appreciated your insight - way to pay it back to the community!


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