Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Sweatdown

Trying a new thing here by posting my workouts for the week to help me breakdown how my workouts went and keep me motivated to make them all worthwhile. My week started off not so great and began with a number of skipped workouts.

Monday: Off day - oh yeah, I got this!!

Tuesday: Skipped Interval Run & Swim

Wednesday: 3.5 mile run w/ Fleet Feet April Fool's run. I am motivated to go to this thanks to the free stuff and my fav running company. Got some free socks and water bottle from Brooks since it was the second week I attended. I then skipped a bike and makeup swim to have beers with Sarah & Kim. Way more fun!!

Thursday: Skipped Bike & Swim after going out to Texas Roadhouse with the hubby. We have not gone out for dinner together in a long time so it was great to spend time together and snuggle up on the couch afterwards.

Friday: Makeup Interval Run , I finally managed to own the treadmill and get in some great times with my ladder workout (400m, 800m, 1600m, 800m, 400m), exact same time not counting seconds on the way up & down and my mile time was 8:49. I think the speed came from these cute new shorts!!

Saturday: Long bike (15mi) completed and a swim (1200m) doing 400m sets and managed to do flip turns the whole way. Met a fellow triathlete and talked while in the hot tub afterwards and got some ideas for improving my swim a bit and sounds like we will be at a number of the same events this year. Impressed he had completed an Ironman!!

Sunday: Long Run (12mi) with a good portion running with Sarah. I was sooo happy to have company as my legs felt dead when I started and my body was a bit tired. Time went by fast and then I got to enjoy the typical post run ritual upon getting home. I get attacked by my pooch and he proceeds to lick all the salt off of me. Makes me laugh every time!!

Yes, I am still salty even after running in winter and windy conditions! This will only get worse as it gets warmer as he will try to pin me down and lick my entire legs and arms as well.

Has this lack of spring killed your motivation too?


  1. I LOVE those shorts!! Where'd ya get them?

    1. I got them at my local Fleet Feet store, but they are New Balance shorts. It's great cause they go with anything and they are super lightweight!


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