Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HIM Training Week 1

This week was the kickoff to my self made training plan for the High Cliff HIM. I was looking forward to it and felt ready to get the show on the road. I had Monday off work thanks to the short weekend getaway and I really needed the relaxation.

Here is what this week consisted of:

M: Bike - 15 mi
T: Run - 4 mi, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi
Th: Run - 3 mi, Swim 1200 m
S: Seroogy's 15K *Race Recap coming
S: Swim - 1600m, Bike - 25 mi

Swim: 4,000m
Bike: 60 mi
Run: 16.3 mi

Favorite workout of the week: Outside of my race this week it has to be my Wednesday ride, I found a new program from the History channel on Netflix "The Men Who Built America" and I watched the first episode during my ride. It captivated my mind and this ride flew by. I even averaged 19mph during it too! Looks like I found what I will be doing during bike roads for the next few weeks.

I had to laugh when reviewing my totals as in just one week(2/1 was a rest day), I managed to surpass my training mileage from 6 different months last year and a few were not much more either. At least I had a buildup going into this!! My mileage numbers are definitely going to be at my highest yet. Here is to hoping I did my plan right and can keep myself injury free.

This weekend I had only my race planned and then I would be able to have a nice relaxing weekend at home. Well, apparently I don't like that idea as I ended up booking my weekend right up! Saturday after getting back from the race I wanted to hang out at a bar and watch some badger basketball since I don't get the games at home. A fellow mentor had some extra tickets so next thing I know I am showering quick to get my butt the game!

Sunday morning was a meeting for an exciting new opportunity for me and after my swim I met up with a good friend for some lunch at Red Lobster. I finally managed to get a few hours relaxation reading a book and getting some tax documents together before it was time to get my bike ride in to cap off another crazy weekend.

This week is already not starting off great, I worked 11 hours (not including the few short breaks I got and a quick dinner break for my sanity). No fun when you have to stare at a computer screen and be holed up in my office at home all day. I have lots to get in this week so we will see how it turns out. Looks like my Friday rest day just turned into a bike day! Good news, I have zero plans for this weekend outside of my training :))

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  1. I will have to check out that show on Netflix. I love History channel stuff. Great week of training!


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