Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week in Review

This last week I eased back into training, my legs were sore until Tuesday and felt dead for my run that night but then I was able to feel normal again by Thursday. I worked some long hours again so I had to miss a few that I was hoping to get in.

M: Rest
T: 4 mi run
W: Rest
Th: 3 mi run, 1600 m swim
F: Rest
S: 5 mi run, 10 mi bike
S: Rest

Hubs and I planned a last minute mini vacation for the weekend so we headed out of town shortly after lunch on Saturday and stayed until Monday. I had to burn some PTO at work and his job has been slower so we were able to swing it. We headed north to Door County and scored a deal on a one bedroom suite since it's their off season. The area is known for all the wineries along with some good eats and views. We had to do a little extra searching for food as many places were closed for the season but still discovered some great places. This vacation was all about rest, relaxation and some time for us to connect. We only left our room to eat and make a stop to get some wine at what seemed like the only winery that was open. We both really needed it and we were so happy we did it! We did lots of lounging and I didn't really feel guilty. I did have restless legs a bit on Sunday and wanted to get out but it was freezing cold outside.

While we were on vacation I spent some time finally thinking about and getting my HIM training plan together. I started off with the biking first as that is where I feel I need the most work and least experienced with. Then I went back through to add the runs and all my races scheduled and finally added on my swims. I didn't schedule in a strength training spot but I am going to focus on doing a bit each day to help supplement. HIM training officially kicked off this week!

I am thoroughly impressed with how much motivation the hubs and I had when we got back and even unpacked right away. We setup the stuff I bought from Ikea last weekend and did some reorganizing with that. Just need to finish the TV stand this week sometime and get that setup. I also cleaned out the fridge of all the expired items, hand washed dishes, ran a load in the dishwasher and got three loads of laundry done. The hubs shoveled the driveway as we got a few inches of snow yesterday and needed to take care of the major drifts in the driveway. It was crazy as there were spots with no snow and then spots with about a foot. I also managed to get errands done, get a bike ride done and shower before settling down.

I am so glad we got the opportunity to get away, it has helped out way more than I thought it would! And I was happy to not think about calories to enjoy my last bit of freedom for awhile.

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