Monday, January 26, 2015

Work Hard & Play Hard

I have missed a few weeks posting due to some long work weeks. I focused on getting in my workouts around my job and it left no time for basically anything else.

I managed to have a great first week and then the long workdays slowly caught up to me and I listened to my body. By the third week, I was heading into my half marathon and wanted to give my body a chance to rest to have a good race.

Jan 5-11
Running: T 5 mi, Th 4 mi, S 9 mi
Cycling: M 10.6 mi, W 10.55 mi, Su 13 mi
Swimming: T 1200 m, S 1600m
*Missed my swim Thursday cause I forgot my suit, otherwise a perfect week!

Jan 12-18
Running: W 3.1 mi, Th 5 mi, S 7.8 mi
Cycling: W 9 mi, Su 15.3 mi
Swimming: S 1600m

Jan 19-25
Running: Th 5.2 mi, S 13.1 mi
Cycling: None
Swimming: None

I have really been enjoying mentoring for the Fleet Feet Fox Valley Winter Warriors program. I have rediscovered my love of running and has put everything in perspective. I have thought about where I started and how far I have come. My runs have turned into motivating others and just enjoying being outside. I have met some great individuals and they have inspired me to keep being positive and find the good in any situation. It has also kept me accountable and completing my runs every Thursday and Saturday.

My weekends have been full as well. The first weekend I went out to celebrate Sarah's birthday.

The second weekend I took my sister's older two kids out to Monkey Joe's in the afternoon to burn off some energy and treated them to some froyo. She was able to enjoy a peaceful house while the youngest was down for her nap.

Both Sundays I was at the bar watching the Packers playoff games, after I got my ride done in the morning though! That way I didn't feel so bad about drinking a few beers and eating some bar food.

This past weekend I ran the Icebreaker Half Marathon in Milwaukee and then headed down to IL to have a ladies weekend to celebrate my mother in law's birthday. We went out to Chicago Improv and had some good laughs, good food and some fun shopping. Now I have to put together what I bought at Ikea to help organize the house better!

I am looking forward to my job slowing down to have a bit more down time to be able to reflect on my progress and work on my goals. I also need to get a training plan set in stone for my HI (half Ironman) in June. I have been reviewing many different plans and I think I'm going to consolidate a few of the ideas together based on my abilities and working to better my cycling.


  1. You've had some busy, but fun weekends! Keep up the good work with your training. I could tell it's been paying off for you - you looked so strong throughout the race Saturday!

    What did you get at Ikea?

    1. I got an entertainment center, a cube wall shelf and some hanging organizers for our bathroom closet until that gets fixed.

      You killed it to Rachie!

  2. What a fun month!!! I hope you guys had a fun time in Chicago! I am excited to see your HIM training plan - it's always interesting to me to see tri plans since I am used to only seeing running ones! :)

    The Winter Warriors program sounds awesome! Does it end with a race?

    1. Yes, it ends with the Seroogy's 5/15K race the first weekend of February, going to miss my crew!

      I am afraid of the plans I have been looking at, crazy amount of stuff on there!


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