Monday, January 5, 2015

Week in Review

This past week was the start of my journey towards a Half Ironman, I was freaking out for several before and after I clicked submit on that registration! Coming off of being sick I eased into the week and tried to listen to my body without pushing it too hard.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 5 mile run with the Fleet Feet Fun run group, this one was freezing! I couldn't feel my fingers for about the first two miles, thankfully we turned away from the wind shortly after.

Wednesday: 13.3 mile ride on the trainer. Had the day off of work and was picking up and organizing the house as well. Nobody likes to start the new year off with a disgusting house. My husband and I were boring for New Years and stayed in, but we enjoyed a steak dinner with some green beans and baked potatoes.

Thursday: 2 runs this day. Run #1 NYD 3 mile run with the pacesetters and breakfast afterwards. This was brutally windy and we froze our butts off.
Run #2 Winter Warriors Group Workout - Pacing 4 mile run. Thankfully this was about 20 degrees warmer than this mornings run, so I of course overdressed. I felt tired going into it but once we got started I felt great. I used my extra energy to push my group to a solid 10:15 run, they weren't as enthused about it as I was!!

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Winter Warriors Group Workout - Pacing 7 mile run. I woke up to the sound of snow plows, we finally have snow on the ground again! It was only about 2-3 inches but it made the run a little more challenging searching for the best footing. But it was beautiful out. We also passed the Pacesetters group run and I got to see more running buds!

Sunday: 13.60 mile ride on the trainer. Needed to get a long ride in, went for 45 minutes and that was all I could handle:

Things I did well this week:
1. I spent a few hours cooking on Sunday afternoon so I have homemade meals for the week.
2. I wrote down my training plan for the week and a few meals to make during the week
3. I cleaned up my house and I have kept it clean. Slowly trying to purge and organize and keep it that way!

This was boring I know, but part of what I missed with blogging was having a training log. It will also help me keep on target for future weeks.

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