Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Adios 2014

Hey everyone, I am back...for the time being anyways! I discovered I have missed tracking my progress and having a virtual diary of my races and major life happenings. I have some pretty lofty goals in my head and blogging helped me go through them the last time. I really wish I would have kept track in 2013 what my total mileages were, that was my best year of racing.

Alas, here is what I ended up this year which I found it aligns pretty closely to my 2012 figures.
Running: 640 miles
May was my marathon month and August was leading into my major half of the year.

Cycling: 359 miles
I did hit my most mileage ever in a month on my bike, I did something right in December!! Training for something big will make you do that.

Swimming: 20 miles
*no graph on this as it's only a few miles each month, although I tend to swim more in the winter. Explain that one!

This year had a number of ups and downs for me, but it has taught me a lot about myself and what I want out of life. It has solidified my relationship with my husband and I can really rely on him now. I have a hard time letting people fully in and letting go of myself, both of which he has helped me to get past.

I have met so many wonderful people through the running community, this year I participated in the Fleet Feet Half training program for speedwork and it was great being able to show up and have someone else tell me what to do! I heard through the grapevine they were looking for mentors for their Winter Warriors program and I jumped at the chance. I loved doing it before and I was able to push many people from our training program into signing up. Doing this always helps me find the joy in running again and thinking back to those milestones when I hit them. I was astounded to find out we had over 70 people in the program, the most ever yet!
This was from one of our track nights in summer having fun with the Brooks rep.
I also attended a fitness competition for the first time ever this year to support my SIL and my other trainer! They have helped to transform my body and how I think about it. This behemoth was the guest poser for the night.

I took some time away from triathlons this year, just did one super sprint) and I realized how much I miss them. Goals for 2015 are to get in some more of them and complete a half Ironman distance race. Hoping to also get in an Olympic distance and a sprint or two. Summer goes by too quickly to fit in more than that!

I would like to get a Ragnar Race in again this year and thinking about trying to get a team together, or ya know, just hop on a team again last minute!

Lots of races floating around in my head for this year and I need to get my goals and a race schedule planned out. Also I need to get back to following a training plan which I have been working at the last few weeks to get in a rhythm. Half Ironman training plan I am following begins late February.

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