Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Restless Legs

I am going stir crazy this last week! I had a really awesome leg workout last week Monday and I have been paying for it ever since. I woke up Tuesday barely being able to walk due to my hamstrings being tight. I figured it was just the typical DOMS and would go away after a few days. Thursday night I celebrated being 31 by having some drinks with the family and a few friends so it was a good excuse at least that night!

Lovely & bright Brooks tech tee!
Friday night was the April Fool's 5K, cue Wisco crazy weather. This race was to start at 6:04pm and the forecast was for wind (30 mph and gusty) and rain/sleet/snow depending on the air temp. It is a point to point race with shuttles so Sarah and I decided to park at the start so we could wait in the car until it was race time. It didn't look very packed and we got to park right next to the start line....NO JOKE. Sarah has the proof as I was too lazy to take a picture. We debated whether to run it, but since we were already there why not? I wanted to just take it easy as my legs still felt like junk and we had 18 miles on tap the following morning. Finished in 30:05, no walk breaks and a respectable pace of 9:42.

Saturday morning I was nervous but wanted to get the 18 miles in, I kinda slacked on two long runs in March and this was gut check time to see if I could even pull off the mileage and be able to complete the marathon without feeling like death. My left hamstring was so tight it hurt the entire time, halfway through it was starting to loosen up and then it got to the point that if I stopped and just stood there, my legs went numb. The last 5 miles were some of the hardest miles I have logged in a long time and I am glad Sarah hung around with my slowly self at the end!

21 miles in 15 hours was probably not the best way to get back into it, but if you are going to do it. Why not jump head first?!

I finally decided to get a deep tissue massage as my calves were really knotted up and my hammy's still were not better on Sunday. I was able to get in last night, although not much improvement yet. I searched for hamstring stretches and I died laughing because I cannot get into the start position without my legs seizing up on me, guess we will shelf that idea!

I really need to be able to do something soon as I can't take this anymore. So why not work on arms you say? I did that and core last Monday and they are sore now too, so they needed a break to. I might just have to gym it and get some more arms in and go for a little swimmy swim tonight.

Here's to hoping it is gone and my 20 miles goes great solo this weekend!

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  1. I hope your legs feel better quickly!

    Great job at the race - I can't believe how bad conditions were! Well actually, I can believe it after the winter that we had!


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