Sunday, December 9, 2012

What a Week

This week was the first of me working 2 jobs, being a running mentor and my own training plan. I am trying to focus on my 2 weaker areas which is swimming and then biking. I also tend to slack off on strength training so I'm trying to get at least two workouts per week. I only had to make a minor adjustment due to not exactly having energy after working 13 hours on Wednesday. I moved my bike/swim workout to Thursday which I ended up skipping altogether due to feeling completely relaxed after yoga. Not bad for only miss 1 planned workout in one hectic week.

12/3/2012 Run 3 4 - WW 5 - WW 3
Cycle 7 7m 11
Swim 800m 1200m
Other Strength Rest (W) Yoga Rest (W) Strength

I still ended up with a total of 34.75 miles for the week broken down as follows:
Run: 15 miles
Cycle: 18 miles
Swim: 1200 meters
Strength: 2 workouts
Yoga: Intro to Yoga -1 hour class

As mentioned last week I tend to do better when my schedule is full and this is proof!! I don't push things off and do them as I think of it or as planned because I can't push it off. I am excellent at procrastinating when I have the opportunity.

In other news, I am now a member of the lost toenail club. I have had a toenail that I thought was going to come off in September, but after I cut it down realized there was a massive blister underneath it and proceeded to relieve the pressure on it. Since then it's been alright and it finally let go on Saturday. I just hope it grows back without looking too hideous.

Sunday I woke up to SNOW and I was so excited for my run. Here is a little glimpse into what it looked like  right after I got back.

Sorry for the slightly fuzzy photo here :(

I had my bag packed for the gym so when I got home I could grab that and get to the gym for a bike and swim. In the evening I made 2 different vegetable soups for the week and a veggie pizza for dinner. I was able to use up almost all the vegetables I had bought from the store and now I have great food for the week since I have little time to cook during the week.

Here is to another great week!

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