Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let the Chaos Ensue!!

I love this time as year as it makes most people generally happy and I just love the spirit of the season. I am feeling a little lackluster in my spirit this year and I'm waiting for it to sneak up on me. I have yet to even think about putting my tree or Dickens Christmas Village up and I'm not really sure if it will end up happening. My life is about to get ultra busy, although it seems the busier I am the more I get accomplished. I guess when I can't procrastinate I just shut up and do it instead of find time to push it off to!!

I mentioned last week that I am mentoring the Winter Warriors 15K program at Fleet Feet Sports and we have group runs every Tuesday night (6 pm) and Saturday morning (7:30 am). We had our first run on Saturday and I'm so excited to help everyone in the group improve their running and making new running pals! The training plan calls for 4 weekly runs and 2 cross training days and I will also be fitting in 2 strength days and maybe a yoga class. I basically only get Friday off each week as a rest day before the long run day.

It is year end coming up and in the accounting world it only means one's time to get it together! We are trying to wrap up financials and clear out any lingering issues from the year to keep the tax accountants off our backs. I usually end up working at least 45 hours each week and things will just be a little more chaotic in those hours for the next few months.

I also am starting a seasonal retail job at my favorite craft store and I will be working 16 hours or so each week. Meaning I work 2 4-hour weeknight shifts and a 8 hour shift on Saturday after the group run. I am thankful they don't follow the super crazy hours most other retailers do and it's also where I worked in college so I at least feel comfortable with the store, just need to learn the new register system and I will be golden.

All of this means the days are going to feel really long and I think I'm going to struggle keeping my energy up and getting my workouts in. It also likely means I will have less time for blogging so I may end up disappearing at times. I know it's all for my benefit in the long run and I will just need to remind myself of that when I get stressed out. At least by the end of February I will be back to my normal life again :)

Have you found your Christmas Spirit??

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  1. I got a little Christmas spirity when I came home from a long night at work this weekend and Nick had purchased and put up a Christmas tree, and decorated some of the house with our decorations. I generally don't feel too in the mood until I have a decorated tree with lots of wrapped presents underneath. :)


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