Monday, May 12, 2014

Mo' Problems Monday

It is now actually feeling like Spring around here, and with that comes a new set of runner problems.

1. Chafing - Do not forget to body glide any body parts that will rub any other part or clothing, and do not forget the spots you know you will always chafe or something like this will happen.

2. Sports Watch Tan line (burn line for now at least)

3. Runner tan lines (again burn lines here yet)

4. Planning runs around where you can fill up water at parks, circle back to your house/car with a cooler or stashing a cooler on some country road. If you are anything like me you drink like a fish and can only last about an hour before a refill is required.

5. Poppin' pills like they are candy! These things get me through warm weather runs.

Oh yeah, I have this thing called THE MARATHON next week, I am not feeling very prepared for this one so we will see how it goes. I am going to start with the 4:45 pace group (prior finish times were 4:50 & 4:42) and hope I can stick with them the whole way. I tend to go out too fast and then drag myself through miles 18 on. I am not stressing about pacing strategies this week since I can leave that up to them.

What issues do you have while running in summer?

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  1. Summer running issues: sunburn, too hot, too hot, too hot. I am a heat wimp.

    Good luck with your MARATHON!!!


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