Sunday, May 4, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

This weekend was finally a gorgeous weekend here in WI, the sun finally came out and stayed around for more than 15 minutes. The clouds parted on Saturday morning just as I was getting ready to start the WI half marathon. Recap to come soon, just waiting on the race pics.

After the race we headed down to Rustic Road Brewing Company, well actually we only turned the corner from where we parked and there it was! I smelled the bloody's as soon as I got in the building and it looked like I couldn't pass it up. It was a forest in there!

And then it was on to Captain Mike's for a late lunch, we discovered the place the prior afternoon when we stopped in for a beer and once we saw the menu we knew we had to come back. Their mac & cheese looked fantastic along with the burger options. All I have to say is if you are in the Kenosha area, you will just have to check it out.

We were all tired and passed out early after the long day and up early on Sunday. It was great because we got to drive back with sparse traffic on the highways, I was home and unpacked before 10. I checked the weather and realized the sun was going to stick around and be in the mid 50's. I immediately knew I wanted to hop on my bike to get my legs an easy recovery workout. That meant getting my trainer tire off my bike and putting the regular one back on. All by myself, well here goes nothing!

I managed to get the wheel off, and then the tire came off a little hard. I checked the tube to make sure there were no leaks and put the tire back on.

Then it was time to try to inflate the tire with the CO2 cartridge for my first time. It scared me at first but I was happy to see I did it right and my tire was ready to go!

Then to put it back on the bike and get the chain back on, I didn't exactly do it right the first time so I got extra dirty. I was so proud once I finally got it back on and the gears were changing.

And finally off for an easy ride enjoying the sunshine and first ride of the year outside. Hasta La Vista Trainer!


  1. I have so been enjoying the spring weather lately and am outside as much as I can be, hence the sunburn I am sporting right now. Hope you had a great bike ride!

    1. Thanks! It was just great to be outdoors and happy nothing fell apart.

  2. Yay for a bike ride! Great job making the switcheroo all on your own. I would have no idea how to do that. :)

    Mmmm Captain Mike's. I wanna be their village eeeediot. Or maybe the guy who fell off his barstool already has that job.

    1. We can try to get you to the status of the village eediot!

  3. WTG on changing the tire on your own! I have seen people do it to my bike, but have not tried it myself. Hee hee. Do you have a bike pump, or just the CO2 cartridge? Is that one of those reusable ones?

    So happy I got to meet you this weekend! I can't wait to spend more time with you at TLD! :)

    1. It was great to finally meet you too!

      I do have a little bike pump that I used to start to inflate the tire before using the CO2 cartridge to get it the rest of the way. The little adapter I have for the CO2 allows you to close the valve to use what you want, but honestly it was gone in seconds so not really sure how that would work!


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