Saturday, February 18, 2012

Giving it a TRI!!

Since my injury I have been doing a ton of cross training and have decided to actually learn how to properly swim freestyle. I've grown up with water around me all my childhood and I'm a total fish when I'm around it. As a kid you could not get me out of it long enough and still could just be in it for hours if I could.

I'm finally able to do 4 min. speed walking/ 1 min. running for 30 minutes without pain and I decided the other night, why not do a mini triathlon at the gym, only I did it in reverse. Not a fan of swimming, showering and then working out some more, which i will have to get over if I ever really do a triathalon. I did my 30 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes swimming laps (with some breaks in between).

It was a long workout but it brought me back to the day of the half marathon and since I can't run that far this was definitely the closest thing to it. I'm thinking I am going to do this cycle at least once a week and my other 2 running days that week I will either bike or swim after it. Slowly working on all 3 will help my cardio level stay up without putting all the impact miles that I can't do right now.

My off days I work on strength and usually end up doing Jillian Michael's "No More Trouble Zones" DVD to have her kick my butt and give me a good overall strenght workout and I usually add some of my own moves on those days where I can peel myself from the floor after my workout. I tried the "Killer Buns and Thighs" DVD of hers since that is my problem area, and the cause of my injury too but didn't care for it.

What is your favorite workout DVD or cross training workout?


  1. Thanks for the follow! My favorite form of cross training is new workouts all the time and free. I love the older workouts the best.

  2. I have some kettle bell DVDs that are good, although just recently discovered our DVD player is not working. Boo!


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