Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally a Race....well sort of

I'm so excited the first race of the season is coming up on Saturday, Point Bock 5 miler and I actually get to do it this year. Thank you skiing injury for ruining my knee last year and holding me out of it, but I won't let it happen again. Granted I'm only going to speedwalk the race this year at least I am DOING IT!!!

I'm just happy to get out there and get back in the game since my next race will be a 5K in May and should be my first running race of the year. Gearing myself up this week to get my mind back in track for the season and really hoping to keep myself injury free. I'm definitely listening to my body more and if I feel the slightest bit of pain that is abnormal I'm letting it rest. I know my fitness will not suffer if I end taking an extra day off during the week than planned. I'm not risking injury anymore.

Hope all my fellow racers do great this weekend!!


  1. I am so glad we will be walking together! Thanks again for taking pity on my gimpy ass. I told Kim and Kevin they have to have beers ready for us when we finish since they will be done so much sooner. :)

    1. Your gimpy ass better be running next time I see you!!!

  2. Enjoy the atmosphere! You will be glad to get fully recovered when you blast the 5k in May :)

  3. Lish, so happy you're able to do the race this weekend - and that you're not going to push yourself. I see many injury free PRs in your future!!

  4. Good for you for getting out there and doing it!


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