Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time to Give it a TRI

Ever since my running injury I've been forced into doing other exercises and getting out of my routine. I've been hitting the stationary bike and pool pretty hard the last few weeks. My swimming is really starting to improve with 2X per week in the pool instead of just once. I've always enjoyed biking and was my first love prior to running so I found a nice mini-triathalon in a small town that I really think I'm going to do.

The race consists of an 1/8 mile swim (across the river), 12 mile bike and 2 mile run. It's a shorter distance than a sprint triathalon but I think it will be a good feeler race to see if I really want to put more training into this or if I should stick to running or maybe duathalons. The race isn't until Mid-July so I should have plenty of time to prepare for it. I just hope it's not too incedibly warm that day as this girl does not do well in in I will have heat exhaustion oncoming soon after the race if not during.

Anyone have good tips for running in hot weather?

I drink a ton when I'm running so I know thats not the case. I'm the type of person that sunburns in about 30 minutes if I don't put lotion, I've burnt through a t-shirt and have had heat exhausation a few times in my life. I hate my super sensitive skin most days and I even have to use the die free detergents or I bust out in a rash.

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  1. Where's this tri Licia? I think I am going to do this one:


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