Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why Must I Be So Crafty

Sorry I have ignored you this week blogger friends, it's been a little hectic around here lately.

Most days I love that I can be crafty with just about anything and I enjoy making things unique, but it can be VERY boring when you are cranking out 60 shower invitations in a week. That is what I've spent my free time this past week on, outside of work and squeezing in workouts. So unfortunately blogging fell at the bottom of my list and was ignored for the last several days. I can happily say that they are finished thanks to our finaly assembly party tonight and I can finally mail them.

As I arrived home from said party, I find a box at the back door. Guess what's in the box??? That's right, the pieces for my wedding invitations. Ahhhh to start one project and move onto the next bigger one. Thankfully I found a kit online that all you need to do is print, assemble and stuff but after just finishing the shower invitations about an hour ago that chore just seem all that fun anymore. I don't think I have the energy or patience to make them all from scratch as I did for the shower invitations.

My next month looks like this:

1. Increase distances for triathlon training and incorporate BRICK workouts and hopefully get in 1 or 2 trial triathlon runs on a Saturday at my cottage so race day won't seem as crazy.

2. Print, assemble and mail about 100 wedding invitations

3. Find and purchase our wedding bands and also review all our vendors to make a timeline of when payments are due in...THE DAY is only 99 days away from today....YIKES!!

4. Pick out what we want to do for our ceremony and the style of ceremony we are going for. My future mother-in-law is an officiant, she will be marrying us at a local park.

5. Work in time to hang out friends and have some well deserved beers

6. I really need to fit in a day off work in here to help my sanity level, what i would day for a relaxing day laying on my chaise lounge and reading a book while working on getting rid of my running tan lines

Oh yeah, and I have to come up with a bridal shower game to play by tomorrow for my future sister-in-law who's shower is on Saturday. Anyone have any good ones they would like to share, or I can steal??


  1. The gift bingo is always a good one. One that my friends did at their shower was to video tape the future husband answering questions like "Where was the first place you said I love you." Then the Bride has to answer first to see if they both get it right. "What is her favorite food" " how many kids does she want" " What's her favorite beer" etc.

  2. It's exhausting just to read what's on your to do list! Good luck!!


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