Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thanking my Injury???

Most of you have probably heard about the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon fiasco during the race on Sunday. If you were following me from the beginning, this was the race that I started training for in October to get my base up for starting the real training in January. I did not sign up thanks to having an injury pop up in late December, after going to see a sports medicine doctor I had shin splints on the interior of my leg (don't remember the fancy medical term for it).

Looking back on the weekend of the events, all I can say is THANK YOU body for being messed. The following good things have come from this:

1. I was not running the marathon and stopped probably about halfway through my race due to the closure of the race

2. I don't even know if I would have ended up trying for the marathon, had I been able, as I don't do well in heat, may have switched to the half on the day of if I felt like it.

3. I've fallen in love with cross training and will be trying 2 sprint triathlon distances this summer

4. I have learned how to listen to my body better. It's not all about time but having fun, staying healthy and finishing.

So, my views on all of this. I would have handled the cancellation differently and given runners the option to finish if they were past a certain point and given them an official time. I realize that people are not used to running in the heat and the medical staff was overwhelmed but the sudden closure I don't think was the best option. I think it's definitely a learning experience and hope they learn from this.

Needless to say I think my first marathon next year may be the Wisconsin Marathon instead of Green Bay after the good race reports from this one and the handling of this year's GB.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Are you doing the Bellin? I'm signed up!

    1. I have not signed up for it but want to do it. I think i might be able to get under 1 hour this year if I have a good race!!

      Did you want to ride up together?

  2. I am also relieved I never signed up for Green Bay this year! Phew!

    So happy you will be doing some tri's soon!

  3. Don't "they" always say: Everything happens for a reason.



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