Friday, June 1, 2012

What to expect in June

As I was filling out my monthly dry-erase calendar I realized I have alot on my plate this month. Sometimes I wonder why I decided to pick a wedding date at the end of August, because I am going to be stressing about wedding planning during most of the months I should be relaxing and enjoying my time. I just need to take plenty of trips to my cottage for some getaway time for sure! Here are the major events on tap for this month:

1. Bellin 10K run on June 9th - This is one of the top 10 largest 10K races in the county and is a great course. I will be doing this for my 4th year in a row and I looking to get a 8 minute PR or so. Last years time was about 1:07 just look at my PR's on the side if you really want an exact time, and I am really wanting to break the 1 hour mark. I know if I have a good day I can do it.

2. Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party on June 16th. I found a smokin' dress that I cannot wait to rock and show off my curves. Celebrating losing almost 20 lbs in the last year and 30lbs overall in the last few years feels great. This dress just tops it off and why shouldn't I look hot on such a special day. I am a little nervous but I really think it will be a great time thanks to my awesome bridesmaids and their fabulous ideas!

3. I will be out supporting Kim and Rachel on June 20th in their 16 hour relay to raise awareness for Alzheimer's that just the 2 of them are doing, I know they are nuts!! But I love these ladies and took the day off of work to be there for whatever they need, yes I will be their bitch. Please think about supporting them in their endeavor by competing in their virtual race or by donating to the cause. Just use the link with their names to get all the details.

4. Mighty Wolf Sprint Triathlon on June 30th - This will be my first triathlon and I am extremely nervous about this one. I have not done an open water swim yet (although hoping to accomplish that this weekend at my cottage) and I just don't want to stick out as the newbie and screw up. There are alot of rules that I've recently learned and I hope I don't forget about them in the heat of competition. I really feel like if I can get through the swim I will finish, I am just really hoping to be able to have a strong race in all areas. I am confident on a bike and running has become a surprising love for me lately, it just keeps getting easier physically and mentally.

On top of these major events going on and continuing training, I have several things to accomplish with Wedding Planning this month including:

  • Meet with our photographer on the 10th to narrow down shots we are looking for, details, etc.
  • Figure out our ceremony with the officiant (who happens to be my future mother-in-law)
  • Figure out wording for the invitation & finish up wedding website for use of RSVP. Love saving postage on this part, thank you internet!!
  • Print, assemble and mail our wedding invitiations by the 24th, giving us only 2 months left
  • Complete our DJ form including what songs we are doing for our first dance, father/daughter, mother/son dances and our disapproval/favorites list. Any help on these would be appreciated!!
  • Call the reception to setup a time to taste and finalize our menu options. All we know at this point is we are doing a buffet. I don't care for plated dinners and there is no family style option at our site unfortunately.
  • Call florist to setup a time to finalize the designs.
  • Call cake lady to setup a time to do testing and finalize the design.
  • Find my wedding jewelry & attendants jewelry
Who wants to become my wedding planner?? What, no takers...I can't see why. I think I'm exhausted just thinking about all of this and unfortunately July is only going to get worse I think.

I was a little busy with life this past week, I did manage to get in an 8.3 mile run last week Saturday with the local Fleet Feet fun run group and I'm planning on getting out there again tomorrow morning. It truly helps us non-morning people get ourselves out of bed. That was my longest run (without stopping) since April last year during my half marathon training. Hoping to at least do the same amount tomorrow and if I'm feeling good I'm going for 10!! I also got to spend a little time with my aforementioned bridesmaids and they had some great ideas. I can't wait for all the girl bonding time we are going to have before the wedding.

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  1. So close now for your first tri. You'll be great.

    I volunteered this past weekend at a very beginner friendly race and here are my tips to not stick out as the newbie:

    1. Don't be a "land shark"! Make sure that after you have set-up your transition, there is still space for other athletes!
    2. Don't mount your bike in transition.
    3. Buckle your helmet right when you put your helmet on, so you won't forget... It's one motion and done!
    4. Don't unbuckle your helmet until your back at your rack.

    I saw one lady taking off her helmet while she was still on the bike approaching the dismount line. First of all.. It's illegal and second, since she had the helmet in one hand, she had a hard time getting to a stop, because she couldn't brake...

    Have a great race!


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