Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Timing is Everything

At least for me it is, I like to have a general idea each day what I plan on getting day and what training is in store. Somebody has really thrown a wrench my way lately because I can't seem accomplish things I plan on.

I apparently wore myself out running 17 miles on Wed. last week that whatever bug my body was trying to fight won. I have been sick since Thursday and I'm not stuck with this horrible cough that without the aid of medication induces puking.

I did not get in my practice trial run doing all 3 this past weekend so I have not exactly practiced the transition from swim to bike, which is probably the biggest transition of them all. Great planning on my part to only attempt it once and leave it to the week before to do it.

Thanks to Sarah for texting me on Sunday and getting me out of the house, I managed to make it 10 miles with her and got in a great run. Looking forward to not hacking up some random stuff next time and hopefully my knee isn't cranky.

So I'm stressing out a little over here since this cough is lingering and my very first Sprint TRI is only 4 freaking days away!! I have had energy the last few days so that has helped me but I've heard rumors from people they got this and their cough lasted weeks....WEEKS? ugghhhhh...guess I just have to live with this.

I decided to check out the race details again today so I can start to get my plan of attack together for the weekend, I stumbled upon the fact that the youth race starts at 8:15am with the Short and Long (which I'm doing) Courses will be starting at 9am. All fine and dandy normally at this time of year but it's been ridiculously warm. So I checked out the weather and it's supposed to be partly sunny with a high of 89. AWESOME!! At least it's better than the scattered thunderstorms when I looked earlier this week. Looks like I'll be baking in the sun by the time I finish this thing, thinking i need to find some spray sunscreen to apply in transition.

So at this point I am really just flying by the seat of my pants and taking what is thrown at me and I'm hoping that I'm able to finish this TRI, not drown, and with a somewhat respectable time. I like they cap it at 225 participants for each course and in the past it's been up to about 350 overall so it shouldn't be too busy in the water or other parts of the course.

To this cold...I will kick you in the nuts!

Hope everyone's weeks are going fabulously well.

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