Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Repeat Mode

The last days I feel like I'm stuck on repeat.....Sleep, Work, Workout.....and repeat!! Have I mentioned I dread this time of year?? My schedule has basically allowed for me to work until I have to stop so I don't miss my workout and then have a little me time before going to sleep. I can't just can't plop in bed and expect to sleep right away.

This is what I've been staring at recently  (ignore all the red on my training schedule there

I have been slowly easing my way back into things after working my second job and as much as I would have loved to jump right back in, it would have probably meant injury. I have dealt with those enough lately to learn my lesson and start off slow. I am doing pretty good this week and so far have only missed a strength workout today. My body is still not quite all back yet.

With this lovely weather we have had, I have been relegated to the gym this week. It has been below zero  for the last few days, and running in this weather is just not pleasant. I got the excitement though of freezing hair tonight after about 20 seconds of being outside!! I love the crunchy sound every time you turn your head while trying to drive on your way home.

Tomorrow night I am excited to go to a running clinic on good form at the local Fleet Feet store. I'm hoping I learn something new. It's always fun to apply it and see the changes it can make. I mean who doesn't want to run faster & easier??

I'm also looking forward to Thursday to run outside. Should be a high of 13 degrees and we are hopefully going to get some snow!! 

Have you been stuck on the treadmill lately or just skipping them altogether?

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  1. I'll probably be hopping on the treadmill tomorrow but honestly the weather here has been pretty mild. I think we had a high of 79 today. I "almost" busted out shorts.


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