Monday, January 14, 2013

Unfinished Business

So....I admit I have a problem in finishing projects. I am very good at starting things off and I decide I don't really....

care for this
feel like dealing with this
have the energy to finish this
know why I started this in the first place

Then that project just sits, I'm good at just letting it sit around and take up space in my house. I guess I feel like someday maybe I will finish this. I have decided that I need to quit to doing this to myself as it just stresses me out!

The first step in my recovery process is to deep clean my entire household room by room. I have made myself a handy little checklist for each room on what I need to complete so I can feel a sense of accomplishment checking them off. I am also in this process reclaiming my house and getting myself organized once and for all. And to my benefit getting my house super clean, I don't think it's been like that since I moved into it 3 years ago. My next few weekends will be spent cleaning as my weeks look pretty busy for work. Ugh, I hate being an accountant this time of year!

Once I am able to do this, I can finally tackle the small house projects I wanted to take care of. I need to patch up places in our walls, finish scraping off the border in my kitchen (a project I started about 3 yrs ago!!) and finally paint our house. In this process we can also replace all the outlet covers and light switches that we bought 3 years ago as well when we first moved in. I can also finish decorating and hang things where I want them to go.

At least I finished the kitchen this weekend and I am so excited!! It's completely disinfected and I have space to cook. And who likes to cook in a cramped, half clean kitchen anyways?? I bought a ton of goodies at the grocery store and I'm ready to get cookin!

I am doing all of this because I want to be able to relax in my own house and in push towards our goal of fixing up the house so we can sell it and move. I realize we probably won't end up moving for a few years but at least it's progress and I can actually knock off some To Do Projects that have just been sitting out there in limbo!

I think I need to create a board with my unfinished business.


  1. ugh, i am the same way. sometimes i just want to call into work sick so i can have an extra day around the house...Theres just too much! AND, everytime something does get finished, something else pops up!

  2. Ah, I'm an accountant too! I feel your pain, very busy time for me too.


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