Monday, January 28, 2013

Favorite Runs

My favorite time to run is right after a fresh snow fall. I love the serenity and gorgeous reflection of light off the snow. Less people are out and you get the chance to enjoy nature and soak up some much needed Vitamin D. The surface is ever changing so it makes the run seem to go by quicker too!

The hardest part about Winter Running is getting out the door since it takes me about 5 minutes longer to get to that point. The extra layering and making sure you don't dress too warm or cold is key so I usually end up changing it up once I get outside to see how I feel.
Lights of the neighbors house on the final stretch

I was so happy last week to finally get outside for my final 2 runs, below zero temps early in the week meant certain treadmill time. The final quarter mile of my runs is the best when I finally round the corner and get to run home!
Why do I always look surprised I'm taking a photo of myself??

On a second note, the Good Form running clinic put on by New Balance I went to last week was very interesting. If you want to read up on it here is the main website. We were videotaped running a short distance with our shoes on and then barefoot or with socks. Nobody needs to see nasty runner feet!! We did a couple drills to talk about how to find your form and realized almost immediately what I could do to help me out. At the end of the clinic we sat down one on one to review our video to find out where we could improve. I basically need to loosen up my shoulders and let my arms drop a little and initiate my lean from my ankles instead of my waist.

I was excited to put that in place for my outside runs and my first mile out I was feeling great and pulled out a 9:06 mile! I haven't hit that speed for a couple months so it was exciting to see I could do it. It also felt much easier to achieve that pace, although my breathing would probably tell you different. Just need to hone that in and I'm reading for some solid sub 9 paces for a longer distance.


  1. I loveeeee running in the snow! It always makes me forget the cold, and it makes everything that much more serene!!

  2. I love running after a snow fall too, everything seems so peacefull. It doesn't make for good speedwork, but it is peaceful.


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