Sunday, February 3, 2013

Engagement Anniversary

Leave it to my husband to remind me that 2 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday he proposed! I swear he never remembers anything, but obviously that has changed for the better. It was a magical day, my beloved Packers were going into the big day playing HOT and we all had high hopes they would win. I had planned on spending most of the day in the bar, in order to get a good seat and the UW Badgers were playing before the game so we figured, why not?

My husband had left to go hang out with his sister and then heading over to the bar. He surprised me by coming home before I was getting picked up to pop the big question! I never knew it was coming either!! He managed to hide the ring in our house for a few weeks prior, in the fuse box of all places. What a sneaky guy. What followed was a full day of celebrating at the bar and concluding with a Packers win.

Funny how 2 years makes a big difference in your life as I really couldn't care much about this year's. My day consisted of being Betty Homemaker cleaning & doing laundry. As I was organizing and going through some old paperwork I had in boxes stacked in my office I found one of those computer "match games" they did around Valentine's Day and I had a good laugh, look who's #9 on the list...

YEP, my current husband!! I don't know how well those things really work but I guess here is some proof that it does. Although we both agree that had we dated in high school it would have never worked!

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  1. Awwwww I hope you guys had a happy engagement-versary! I bet it's much easier for guys to remember stuff that's based around sports. Ha!


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