Friday, February 8, 2013

WW Wrapup - Race Day!

Tomorrow is the Seroogy's 15K run, which is graduation day for the Winter Warriors program. Who can beat getting hot chocolate, cheese & a chocolate bar after the race? I just hope that it's not quite as chilly as last year, the water froze in people's cups before they even got to drink it! Cool thing is Runner's World is going to be there taking pictures of the event, but it will be for the Feb. 2014 Issue so I will probably forget about it by then! They are going to be setting up under the Fleet Feet tent and we are hoping to get a picture in with our group. Here is a pic stolen from our coach before one of our milder temp runs.

I have not run a 15K so it will be a PR for me. I'm pacing so I won't really be running it for me, but to help our runners finish. I have the slowest runner in our group so I can't wait to see her face when she finishes! She has only ever done a 5K before and I'm going to have so much fun pushing her.

I am hoping to actually use the Fleet Feet program in the summer/fall for marathon training to help ensure I get that PR for the Chicago marathon and enjoy running even more than I already do. The coach for the program is really knowledgeable and super speedy, aka 4:17 is his fastest mile. I also like having a group to do the long runs with and one weekly night run to keep you motivated.

I finally found a half marathon program to try and get my sub 2 so I'mlooking forward to moving on.  I can finally test myself to see what pace I can do on my own consistently on a long run. But I will miss having to be there each Saturday morning to help get my butt out of bed! There is a group that leaves about 15 minutes earlier than we meet but I would probably be the lone slower runner and why get up early when you don't have to in the winter?? I like waiting to early afternoon to go for my long run in the winter when it's a tad bit warmer.

Would you rather run a race to reach your goal or someone else's goal?
It's a toss up for me as I love seeing others push themselves but also love the satisfaction when you achieve something that you put your mind to!


  1. I think it would be fun to help someone else to a goal, up to this point it has been all about me, but I think I am ready to get over that. Have fun!

  2. The first an only time I ran with someone to help them meet their goal was last fall in a 5K, and I loved it. It made for a low key day for me and she pr-ed by 5 mins.

  3. I can not speak enough to how much more helpful group programs are. Just have the support group of other runners really makes the training fly! I think if i was a mentor for a group, my main goal would be making my friends reach their goals. I tend to get that way in a group! :) (hope it went well!!)


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