Monday, February 18, 2013

The run that almost didn't

In looking at the weather for this weekend I realized that Sunday was looking much nicer, as in a good 10 degrees warmer with little wind. I ended up making Saturday a TRI day at the gym which moved my 12 mile run to Sunday.

Saturday night we got the call to hang out for a friends birthday and decided not to be the dull married couple we have been lately. The beers were going down kinda easy and before I knew it I was on my 4th beer. I needed to stop anyways so I could navigate home and we ended up getting home around 1:30. I made sure to suck down a glass of water so I wasn't dehydrated in the morn.

We were having a birthday party for my Grandma who turned 77 today and I needed to be there around noon. That meant leaving around 9am to ensure I had time to get my run in and shower. I rolled out of bed as late as I possibly could and I knew I may have to cut the run short.

I set out to do a scenic path around the city and through most of the parks, perfect for a nice solo run. It was nerve wracking going out for my first solo winter run, with pacing for the last few months all my long runs were at a slower pace. This was my test to see if I could keep a steady pace and what my current pace is. The goal is to get down to 9:09 on the long runs to reach one of my goals (Sub 2 half!).

I had to remind myself at the beginning to dial it back and keep it easy, I always start off too fast on my own. I found that line where I could breathe easy without laboring. I was doing great and had to walk on a few icy patches but overall conditions were good. I would run in the roads on less busy roads or in the bike lane if it was plowed. Around mile 5 I stumbled upon a view of the lake with some fog rolling off the ice. I had to stop to take a picture!

I kept my pace fairly consistent except for the mile I had a dog run after me and eating GU at miles 5 & 10. With the icy conditions I couldn't multi-task very will, but overall I kept an average 10:20 pace, better than any prior long training runs.

I am hopeful this may be my year  and I can achieve my lofty goals! Had footing been better I felt I could have done faster, so hurry up and melt the ice already! I'm sick of having my water turn into ice chunks before I can even drink it.

I am taking today as well deserved Rest day after putting in 32.25 miles in this weekend. My legs sure feel i


  1. hehe, i had the same frozen water problem this weekend :) Just think, if you can keep up these paces in less then ideal conditions, you will be a speed demon come spring!

  2. Nice run Lish! Warmer weather will be here soon, and then we'll be bitching about the heat. :)

  3. The ice-chunk problem is widespread these days. Weren't we forecasted an early spring?!?!?


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