Monday, June 17, 2013

Meaningful Miles

Well I'm back from about a week hiatus on blogging. I just didn't feel like I had much to say and I was enjoying living in the moment and taking in all that life has to offer. I am really trying to work on the balancing act of having a career, maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband, family & friends and keep up with triathlon training. If anybody ever told you it's easy they are lying!

I have definitely learned a few tricks in the process and this week I was able to turn in my best week in a long time and possibly ever! I did fail in the swimming and strength slightly but I'm encouraged I was able to pull this off and maintain a good balance.
My miles were broken out as follows:
Running          19.19 miles  
Biking             41.75 miles  
Swimming       1200 meters
Strength              1 day        

It helped to have 5 of my workouts be with a group or friend so it made the time go by quickly and also was great to spend the quality time with them. I met Sarah for a bike ride on Monday night. Tuesday night I ran with the Fleet Feet fun run group and then met Michelle for a swim at the gym. Wednesday was the monthly fun run for pacesetters, a local running group to which I belong, and ran in a downpour with Sarah, Matt and John along with plenty other brave souls followed by subs and sundaes. Saturday the same group met for the Pacesetters training runs for the Fox Cities Marathon, they vary the courses up and you actually run on sections of the Marathon course so it's great to get familiar with it now. I failed at getting pictures at any of these events so I will try harder to be better with that!

I also managed to not be a bum after logging the 11 miles on Saturday morning, Sarah and I stopped at a bakery and we both snagged up a Maple Bacon Donut to try and some other fresh goodies. Vito got all the big chunks of bacon off it since I don't enjoy the fatty bacon pieces, I like mine crispy. After I was showered I hit up the local farmer's market, headed over to my sister's so my bil could fix my car and I played with my nieces and nephew in the meantime. On my way back I stopped at the meat market and the grocery store before making it home to figure out some dinner. My legs were beat but I still made it out for Sarah's husband birthday and we had a blast. I'm sure she will post a few crazy pics of us from the night.

I rewarded myself with a few purchases of running gear for a hard earned but fun week. Here is to the start of another great week! Summer is finally here and it's definitely helping my mood!

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  1. a maple bacon donut sounds intriguing, I love Maple bars and I love bacon, but only if it is crispy.

    Nice week of training too!


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