Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Just a few things happening around here lately and things I've been excited about.

1. The Longest day of the year is tomorrow!! And I will be celebrating in the best way any runner could be, spending 16 hours on a track cheering on/running with Kim (Life in the Twin Lane) and Rachel (Running in Real Life) while they run in circles. I know I will log many miles, but that will pale in comparison to how far they will run and the feat they are accomplishing. They are becoming all-stars for Alzheimer's Awareness. If you haven't donated yet, there is still time to do so. Just head over to Kim's blog for the deets and get yourself a spot in their raffle. They have some amazing prizes!! I CANNOT WAIT!

2. Rest days have become project days for me lately, usually that project is to get my house in order and clean it up! I have managed to get planting done this spring, setup my container gardens, organize my office and actually reclaim our spare bedroom. It was really bad and had not been touched other than as a dumping ground in a really long in my wedding dress and husband's suit were still lying on the bed and have not made it to the dry cleaners. That was only about 10 months ago...whoops.

One of these days I will actually get to turning this into a Packer Room. I have several signed photographs including the jersey you can see framed in the background. The pile of stuff on the right I need to make a trip to goodwill to get rid of the stuff we no longer need. I'm getting annoyed with how much stuff we tend to accumulate and my hubby hates it when I get in this mood. He's afraid of what I might get rid of that he could use once in possibly the next 10 years or so. And I thought I was a pack rat!

3. Cheap Beer - Saturday I met Sarah out as they were celebrating her hubby's birthday and as I arrived to the bar it started to pour out. I was tired and figured I would just stay out for one or two and I checked out what was on tap. Nothing great so I went for the usual Budweiser and asked for a pint, the bartender kindly asked if I wanted a mug for a dollar instead, ummm....... HELLS YEAH!! I was so thrilled for dollar beers on a Saturday night the idea of just a few quickly dissipated from my head. And then the camera came out and this was the only decent pick Sarah could take of us. The flash from the phone makes us a little ghostly.

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  1. Yay Longest Day! We are so lucky to have you with us tomorrow!


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