Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Goal Setting

Go BIG or go home right? Lately that is how i have approached goal setting and it's really helped to motivate me to get in the quality workouts required. This is where I'm at with my goals I set for myself this year.

  • Run a sub 26:00 5K - DONE I accomplished this at the April Fool's 5K run where I ran a 25:25 (8:08 avg. pace)
  • Run a sub 2:00:00 half-marathon - DONE I accomplished this at the Oshkosh Half Marathon where I ran a 1:57:53
  • Run at least 1 marathon and PR (sub 4:50:00) - I will be running the Fox Cities Marathon on Sunday and I'm hoping to accomplish this!
  • Complete the Fremont Sprint Triathlon sub 1:00:00 - FAILED, but I did improve my time, I need to do a recap for this yet.
  • Finish an Olympic Distance Triathlon - DONE I need to do my recap on this yet so I will not share anything other than this. 

So, out of the 5 I have accomplished 3 and hopefully a 4th very soon. During the Olympic Distance Triathlon I discovered that I really enjoy the sport. I never hated it, and actually found myself just enjoying being out there, I didn't worry about my times and loved the atmosphere. There was great comradery before, during and after the race. 

I found myself glued to my computer on Sept. 8th with the Ironman WI finish line streaming, and that is when it really hit me. I WANT TO DO THAT!! I was already planning on doing a Half Ironman next summer and want to volunteer next year for IM WI, which should hopefully help me register for it the following year in 2015. I realize that's about two years from now but it's going to take some time to get into shape for it and will give me plenty of time to improve along the way.

Here is to starting another journey in my life!

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  1. Looks like you are doing great with your goals this year! Good luck at the marathon this weekend!


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